Tales of Berseria - Part 21: The Hellawes Job

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We save before meeting up with Dyle at the Hollow entrance.

Velvet asks if his "special concoction" is ready.

Dyle says it's ready. He asks Velvet for her name. She says it.

Dyle: "We'll sail together if we live, Velvet. If not, well, at least, I know what to put on your tombstone." Heh...

Outside, another skit occurs where Rokurou asks Velvet about the malak child who took the compass. I also forgot that he left to get weapons before Teresa came in with her malakhim.

This means they might run into him in the city while their plan happens.

It sounds like Rokurou has some qualms about killing malakhim children. Velvet...doesn't care. Rokurou says he'll thank him for healing them before taking care of him...

A ring appears in front of Velvet's pic during the skit, while she says "that malakhim don't taste very good..." She's thinking about Seres, isn't she?

We head at the front gate.

The battle begins!

We go inside. The city's empty.

Velvet knew it!

ackbar its a trap

There's the "Frozen Queen" (and Magilou) waiting for us at the doors of the sanctuary, along with a circle of orderlies...

We casually walk over to them.

Rokurou's smiling. He knows what's coming. Velvet's not in the mood for games, though...

Magilou: "Well, look who showed up to rescue me! Awww, you're more of a softie than I ever gave you credit for..."

At least she knew you were tricking us...

Now Teresa, brandishing her holy scepter, wants revenge for Oscar's injury!

We meet a new kind of orderly for this fight.

Rokurou's "honor bound" to help Velvet.

As sson as we defeat them, more orderlies come forth!

I check Velvet's new arte: the Mega Sonic Thrust, which can break through armor and push enemies down...

More exorcist orderlies come, and Teresa orders the entire fleet to attack! Just as Velvet planned.

I keep getting hit a lot here...

Now Teresa enters the circle.

Teresa: "I admire your endurance, but you will regret this soon enough."

Teresa calls one of her malakhim to attack Velvet...who throws a fireball at her...

Velvet: (to Teresa) "You can't finish your own work? Coward." Ohhhhh!

But Teresa's not buying her taunt, saying condescending things to Velvet, mentioning Velvet's daemonic status, for instance, as to why she's not going to face her herself.

Wow, Teresa also backhandedly insults one of her malakhim by calling him a "tool"...

Velvet: "Well, I've got tools of my own. Tools of flamestone, sulfur, and oil."

Malak child: "Those will...explode."

But before Teresa could respond, an explosion occurs! Our chance!

Velvet knocks her out with a kick!

Magilou's not happy that she's being left behind! Oh, Magilou...

The guild members now come to Teresa in distress, saying that the port's ablaze...

We get our XP.

Dyle tells the party the ship's ready...and he gets fireballed out! Oh god... ☹️

Teresa and her malakhim come to stop us!

I check on Teresa and her malakhim's stats: she has a wide range of artes at her disposal...I am so unprepared for this fight.

I decide to take care of the first malak before going after the second and then Teresa.

But, my plans change as I decide to stop any of the malakhim who prepare to cast their spells first...

Velvet and Teresa do a little chase around the docks...

With Velvet, I take care of the first malak while Rokurou takes care of the second...

Our focus stats are down so far.

Teresa can create a barrier to protect herself from our attacks, huh?

Teresa's strong against water based artes and attacks. Luckily, we don't have those...

Velvet gets KO'd!

I switch to Rokurou and revive her, and we finish Teresa!

Teresa: "As Exorcist Preator Teresa, I give you this order!"

She calls on her second malak to self-destruct!

Velvet knocks him out, and finishes Teresa...

...but Eleanor blocks the final blow!

Now Velvet grabs the child malak, threatening to eat him if he doesn't follow her order to push the praetors back! My god... ☹️

He does so. They run away! Velvet takes the child malak with her!

They're gone...

The townspeople are now frightened, one of them declaring Hellawes is "finished."

Teresa: "Curse you...curse you..."
Eleanor: "...The Abbey--no, Lord Artorius himself must be informed."

We did it!

We get our rewards, and the game tells me about "power links"...

Dyle's still alive, thank goodness! He's taking the helm, smiling.

Rokurou: "Well, that turned out better than I expected. Though, we wound up with a little extra."

Velvet wonders why he would say that. She's in shock that she grabbed the malak child into the ship.

Magilou thinks he'd be a good snack for Velvet. Rokurou says to him she's joking.

The malak's still thinking in terms of orders.

Rokurou's not sure to take the malak along. But Velvet thinks of using him for now.

Magilou agrees, dehumanizing the malak by calling people like him "tools." The malak child says "yes" to her statement.

Velvet glowers, looking away.