Tales of Berseria - Part 176: Hope

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The credits roll...

Oh my god, there's Velvet and Innominat together in an embrace, devouring themselves...

And I get flashbacks (?) of Velvet and Laphi's adventures. Arthur and Celica greet them goodbye as they go sailing to other lands...

Velvet jumps at a spider!

Magilou and Bienfu save Velvet and Laphi from a daemon!

What could have been...

Laphi and Velvet eat their apples...

Laphi and Velvet with Eizen and Aifread looking on...

Laphi's eating his Mabo Curry with Rokurou and Shigure at a table behind them.

Eleanor's worried, looking at Velvet and Laphi tired from all the steps they had to climb. Oscar and Teresa are in the background, finished with their ascent.

Velvet and Laphi lost, pointing in opposite directions...

They're now at Southgand, Velvet looking at the Grim dolls while Laphi sees Grim walking.

Laphi picks up the rhinostagros!

The references in the credits mentions all the mothership and escort titles in the Tales series.

Laphi and Velvet run to Meirchio...

They see the northern lights...

Aaaaaahhhh, oh my god, it's baby Phi!

They're out prickleboar hunting with Arthur looking on...

Niko and Velvet are prepping up a pie.

The last sketch is of Phi, or Maotelus, seeing Laphi and Velvet staring at the horizon.

Post-credits scene time!

A convoy is traveling through a foggy road.

There's still daemons afoot...

And there's Rokurou!

Maotelus: "This is not... the end of chaos. It is the beginning."

Rokurou pulls his second longsword out, smirking. His literal "come at me" face.

Maotelus: "Mankind... will go on fighting without end..."

Rokurou makes short work of them!

Maotelus: "...just as they did."

Eizen sits at the mast head of the ship. He flips his coin. Benwick turns around...he's gone...humans can't see malakhim anymore...

The coin still turns up a death's head.

Maotelus: "People will still seek the horizon...just as they did."

More rebuilding...

Eleanor's overseeing everything.

Maotelus: "For every laugh, there will be tears."

Eleanor's caught between a fight between two men. She breaks them up.

Kamoana! She gives Eleanor an apple!

Medissa and Dyle are there too. As is Tabatha.

Maotelus: "But the hate they may embrace will be matched by love."

Eleanor walks to her.

Magilou's looking on in the shadows, Bienfu in tow. She's writing something down.

Maotelus: "This world is cruel and unforgiving."

Bienfu's sleeping. Magilou kicks him awake.

Maotelus: "...even the gods themselves don't know what the future will bring."

Magilou stops at a small flower. She goes down to take it but stops herself. She walks away.

Bienfu trips and falls. Oh, Magilou...

Maotelus: "Nevertheless... I will always believe in them, Velvet...in humanity, both strong and weak..."

Velvet's smiling.

Maotelus: "In humanity, both fearsome and kind...the day will finally come when your dream becomes reality. Until then...I will kindle a flame within me, burning strong and bright!"

Maotelus raises his hand!

Maotelus: "And... I will live!"

Another bright of flash of light...


Next (if I ever get around to it), I'm taking on the post-game stuff...

I save at this point. My god, that was a decent ending.

Honestly, if helping people is a "selfish request," then I'll take it!

Thinking about it now, Shepherd Artorius himself was technically the last therion to awaken Innominat...

Aside: Coincidentally, I just finished this game (the main story) on the day of its Japanese release!