Tales of Berseria - Part 175: Maotelus

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The four Empyreans rise!

"For her to seal an Empyrean all by herself....Humans contain more surprises than I expected."

Eizen points that out.

Magilou: "Now you show up. Pretty irresponsible, if you ask me." Well, they come and go as they please...

"You're mistaken. Without Innominat, the balance of our power will crumble."

"The elements will clash in violence and ruin. The world will take millennia to recover from the destruction." That's Teresa in a past life.

"To save the world from destruction, a new Empyrean is needed. A malak of great strength, and indomitable will." Is that Melchior talking?

Everyone turns to Laphicet.

Laphicet: "I'll do it. I'll be your new Empyrean."


Shigure the Empyrean: "You are part of Innominat. You're not lacking in strength. But the question here is one of your intent."
Teresa the Empyrean: "Just what do you wish for this world? What will you bring unto its denizens?"

Laphicet raises the apple.

Laphicet: "I want people to have another chance! A chance for them to right the wrongs born of their fallible spirits! To give those who dream of flying the time they need to rest their wings!" Wings again...

Laphicet: "So that in their strength, their weakness...their cruelty, their kindness...these imperfect humans will one day stretch their wings toward the horizon!"

Empyreans: "Make your dream a reality, young Empyrean."

A pillar of light surrounds him.

Laphicet: "My gift to the world...the Silver Flame!"

Another cutscene.

All the daemons are turning back into humans...

Dyle changes back!

Kamoana and Medissa also change back, hugging each other!

Griffin turns back, so do the dogs!

Zaveid looks up, bitter. He knows Theodora could have been saved...poor Zaveid... ☹

The remaining members of Magilou's Menagerie return to the Empyrean's Throne.

Eleanor: "We're really back on the ground..."

She turns around and sees a dragon!

Eleanor: "The Dragon of Light!"

Magilou: "Good grief. Velvet's recklessness rubbed off on him. Hasn't it, Laphicet?"

That's him...

Eleanor can't believe it.

Eizen: "That is his Empyrean form. It's also proof of his determination."
Eleanor: "Like an oath!?"
Laphicet: "Yes. Do I frighten you now, Eleanor?"

She smiles and shakes her head. I'm going to miss them...

Eizen: "So was that flame... your true power as an Empyrean?"
Magilou: "Daemons, malevolence. Did that fire get rid of it all?"
Rokurou: "No. I'm still very much a daemon."

Laphicet: "The Silver Flame has the power to cleanse a soul of its malevolence, and change a daemon back into a human. But it doesn't have the power to change people's hearts."

It's another chance at life, according to Eleanor.

Rokurou: "Sorry. Looks like my sins run too deep to fix."
Laphicet: "That's fine. It's part of who you are, Rokurou." No wonder why he didn't change back. Honestly, I wouldn't want him to turn back.
Rokurou: "You're still a softy, aren't ya?"

Magilou points out the exorcists are gone, but malevolence is still there. Look in the mirror, Magilou.

Laphicet: "Yes it will. Even still...humanity will never lose its hope...or its prayers for a better future."
Magilou: "Well said!"

Eizen says the malakhim have their free will back! Plus, some of them are willing to help out.

Eleanor: "I will spread the word. This world is now under the protection of the Empyrean, Laphicet."

Laphicet suggests not saying that name. Eleanor agrees, since Velvet gave him that name.

Rokurou: "Okay, what should we call you, then?"

"Call me by the name Eleanor gave me. 'One who lives.' That's what Laphicet means...translated into the ancient language..."

The bright ring of light spreads around the world.

"It's Maotelus."