Tales of Berseria - Part 174: Prepare To...

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The fused Shepherd is weak against fire and wind, but strong against earth and water...

Wish me luck!

Eizen's taken aback by the Shepherd having that malevolence of despair.

Rokurou: "Was he holding it in check this whole time?"
Magilou: (somber) "One misstep, and he would have become a daemon..."

It makes sense, though. After Celica's passing, there was nothing left for him anymore. So, in his mind, the world's gone...

Eleanor: "Such is the power of [the Shepherd's] determination."
Velvet: "But also proof of his true nature!"
Laphicet: "We can't lose to him now...we'll never lose to despair!"

This final boss is a tank!!!

Now after tons of pressure, the fused Shepherd unleashes his Mystic Arte: Right of Rule!

Lucky Velvet's completely immune to most of the damage the Shepherd's dishing out!

Now a quarter of his health's remaining, and in one arte he used, I blocked all of the damage!

As Eleanor gets KO'd, fitting enough, Velvet strikes the final blow!

The Shepherd praises her growth.

Shepherd: "Let us settle this here and now, Lord of Calamity."

This is making me tense up a bit...

Velvet: "Shepherrrrrrrrrd!!!"

They fight!

Velvet: "I will devour all this hatred!"

Her sword breaks!

Oh god...

Velvet's about to punch him!

The Shepherd is beginning to lose his nerve.

Shepherd: "Stop struggling!"

Velvet unleashes her arm...

The Shepherd holds it back with his sword!

Shepherd: "Give up...! I will end the world's sadness! I HAVE to end it!"

Velvet headbutts him!

Velvet: "Arthur's forgotten maxim!"

Then she bites his neck! Oh my god!

She pulls out Innominat from the fusion!

She disarms the Shepherd with a spin kick!

Velvet: "Don't despair... NO MATTER WHAT!!!"

She did it...

Shepherd: "Spoken...like a true hero..."
Velvet: "It's what you told me once, long ago."
Shepherd: "On the day... of the Opening..."

I forgot he said that. It's been eight months...

Shepherd: "Velvet...the Arthur you knew died that day. It was always there, in the back of my mind. 'If only Celica and my son hadn't died that day.'" He's feeling guilty of what happened to Celica and Laphicet.

Shepherd: "'If only it had been you two [Velvet and Laphi] instead.'"

There's the charm he made for Celica, hanging on his own sword.

Velvet: "I thought the same thing. So many times. If it had been us, then I know...I know you would have fought to save the world for us."
Shepherd: "It's true...I wanted to save everyone..."

Tears fall from Velvet...

Shepherd: "...Such a pity."

He falls.

Laphicet: "Goodbye."
Rokurou: "It's over."

Innominat's at the corner, starving...

Magilou: "No, it's not over yet..."

There's another final boss!!!! And he is very hungry...

Oh god, Innominat's getting creepy...his power is unleashed!

Eleanor: "His power is running wild!"

Rokurou: "No one is keeping his power in check anymore! This is bad..."

Eizen runs to Innominat!

Velvet: "Wait! I'll do it."

Innominat: "I endured it all...! Even though I was scared! Even though it hurt!"

She hugs him.

Velvet: "I know."

He, or Laphi, cries, talking about his medicine, and not eating for the whole day...

Laphi/Innominat: "I tried so hard... Why won't you give me this!? I hate you! I hate you, Velvet!"
Velvet: "Laphicet... you tried really hard. But you don't have to fight anymore."

He starts to devour her.

Velvet: "It's time for us to rest, Laphi."

She pulls out her arm and eats him...

Innominat: "Vel...vet..."

They're devouring each other...

Magilou: "So that's it... Velvet will let Innominat devour her forever, with her forever devouring him in return. She will seal him while keeping him alive. An infinite contradiction, a perpetual cycle of destruction."
Laphicet: "Velvet, you can't!"

Velvet: "You and I are part of Innominat, Phi. If he dies, both of us will die too. I dug my own grave. But...but you..."

Laphicet runs to her.

Laphicet: "I don't care about myself! I'm not scared of dying, as long as I'm with you!"

She tosses him the fortune apple.

Velvet: "Good. Then die."

I'm laughing a bit since that exchange reminded me of a certain meme.

Velvet: "But only after eating. Living. Doing everything you want to in life."

Velvet chuckles a bit.

Velvet: "I really am horrible, aren't I?" At least you're honest about yourself, Velvet.

Velvet: "But despite all that, you still saved me. With your unwavering kindness and strength."
Laphicet: "I didn't do anything... Velvet, you were the one who—"
Velvet: "You must have seen it during our travels. Humans spend their lives in constant struggle... that's why they end up making so many mistakes. Even my poor brother." She looks at the Shepherd when she said that.

Velvet: "That's why I'm asking this of you...Please, live. I was the cause of so much chaos and destruction...help the world I ruined. Help people like me. Help the weak. This is... my last, selfish request."

That's the opposite of selfishness, that "selfish" wish is. Laphicet cries foul.

Velvet: "I'm truly... sorry..."

Laphicet eats the apple, and forgives her!

Laphicet: "Velvet, I love you!" Oh my god...
Velvet: "Thank you...I...I love you too, Phi..."

They're gone...