Tales of Berseria - Part 152: Medicine for Kamoana

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Fun fact: Kamoana was supposed to be called Moana, but the translators changed it quickly, knowing there's another person with that name.

I have a feeling that someone or something's going to stop us at Hellawes, since I can't warp to Haria Village via Inoph bottle now...

And we can't make stopovers to any other port but to Southgand...

There's a cutscene before the beach gate...

There's a Bloodwing Agent before the gate, who tells us to "reconsider" going to Haria...huh?

Bloodwing agent: "A real nasty daemon's taken root in Haria Village. It's a huge troll with a big ol' club. And this isn't the first village [he's] taken out."
Eleanor: "Did you say...a troll? You didn't happen to hear if the troll was wearing a large jewel, did you?"

That's the one. Eleanor has a history with that daemon. It's probably the one that took her mother...

Laphicet's now sensing something not good. Her malevolence is almost about to spike...

I decide to switch to Eleanor and save at the beach entrance.

Under the tall cliff, Eleanor's feeling tense...

Laphicet notices too and asks her if she's okay. She denies anything's wrong.

Rokurou notices too. He smiles, saying he doesn't mind about her keeping secrets from everyone else, but tells Eleanor to be honest to Laphicet since she's his vessel.

She apologizes for keeping secrets from him.

Eleanor: "I think the daemon that Bloodwing mentioned could be the one that attacked my village... a group of giant trolls descended on our home. They were after a jewel housed in our shrine..." and she was named after that jewel, which means "light."

Everyone's now listening in...

Eleanor: "The jewel shone brilliantly even when in total darkness. It gave its blessings upon our village, and in turn we safeguarded it for generations."

So she and her mother ran off with the jewel to keep it away from the daemons. But she got injured and her mother...

She starts tearing up at this point...

Her mother distracted the daemons with the jewel enough for her to run...and she was gone... ☹️

Rokurou: "I see. So if the daemon possesses this Eleanor jewel, you'll know it attacked your village."

And I find another typo from Laphicet's next line.

Rokurou's excited to back up Eleanor and face the troll if Eleanor wants revenge, but knows Velvet might not want that.

Velvet: "Knock yourselves out. If there is one thing I can connect with...it's wanting revenge."
Eleanor: "Just so we're clear... this... thing... isn't the reason I joined the exorcists."
Velvet: "This thing? You talk of avenging your family, and it's just 'this thing'?"

Eleanor mentions her mother's last words again...

Eleanor: "...she begged me to survive and I want to be that person. I want to be strong. Right now, my first priority is to find Kamoana's medicine. That's all I'm saying."
Velvet: "Hey...whatever...it's none of my business. But I better not hear you complaining if I end up devouring that daemon first, got it?"

Now the aura of malevolence surrounds Eleanor...this is not good...she chants that she must be strong for Kamoana and for her late mother...

Laphicet feels it too...

Plus, I can't turn back now...it's like Eleanor's forcing the narrative to take the crew and me along...

I save before the gates and take a deep breath...

The village is empty. They might come back soon...

A while later, Velvet finds the medicine!

Velvet notices a note on the pouch of medicine. Eleanor asks if the note shows how to prep the medicine. It's on how to take the medicine.

It reads: "This medicine is extremely bitter. Kamoana hates taking it. If she develops a fever while I'm away, you need to do specific things to get her to take it. There are three ways—"

And a big smash interrupts the party!

Why didn't they just take the medicine, run to the ship, and read the instructions there knowing the village is dangerous?

There's that big troll!

Eleanor knows him! Rokurou notices the jewel on his neck!

Eleanor: "That's it. That's 'Eleanor'."

That troll is Eleanor's mother's killer!

Eleanor lunges at him! No!

Velvet and the crew jump in immediately!

The big Boss Troll slaps his belly and the fight is on!

He's weak against non-elemental and water attacks!

Eleanor's gone at this point!

Laphicet tells her to calm down...

Velvet: "I don't think she can hear you right now!"

He's a strong one, but not that quick...

Rokurou unleashes his Rangetsu Heron on this boss!

With help from Velvet and Rokurou, we finally took care of him!

Eleanor: "I did it...I finally did it, Mom."

Then she realizes she was almost becoming vengeful and stops herself!

Eleanor: "I just...I don't know how to feel. I wanted this so badly...vengeance...closure..."
Laphicet: "It makes sense...this is what's been driving you."
Eleanor: "I suppose you're right...But if this is truly part of me...I can't help but empathize with Kamoana. If she ever found out the truth of what I did to her mother...I know exactly how she'd feel. She'd want to kill me." ☹️

Laphicet doesn't know what to say.

Eleanor: "It's only natural, you said so yourself! I can't stand it. It's eating me up inside. I keep telling myself I did it for her own sake, but...I've just been lying."

Plus, she mentions what would happen if Kamoana went after her...

Laphicet: "That's not who you are!"
Eleanor: "It is exactly who I am! And besides..."

She sinks.

Eleanor mentions how Kamoana survived after Eleanor took care of Mahina...oh my god...

Eleanor: "Kamoana's only alive because she ate her own mother." Oh my god...

Eleanor: "I have a hard time believing that any salvation awaits someone like her."

Rokurou now realizes something too.

Eleanor's still guilty about what happened at Palamedes.

The malevolence comes out...

Eleanor: "My mother told me to stay strong and keep living. I'm only here right now because she sacrificed her life...and yet I'm selfish. I'm so, so sorry, Kamoana...Mother..."

Eizen notices the malevolence too!

Laphicet tries to tell her she's not alone, but the pull of malevolence is too strong!

Magilou also knows the situation is dire! ☹️

Rokurou: "It's fine. Let her spill it all out."

Magilou reminds him about Laphicet becoming a dragon!

Velvet reads the methods for Kamoana's medicine. Velvet's being very practical in the face of danger here. Yikes, most of the methods for having Kamoana take the medicine are pretty forceful.

Magilou: "Is this really the time?!"

Eleanor: "Is that the note you found?"

It is.

Velvet: "[Mahina's] duties must have often taken her away. Someone else had to watch Kamoana."

Rokurou continues reading the note.

Rokurou: "'Her fevers are caused by her mental distress, but for some reason, she believes these bitter berries are medicine. If she takes one, her mind will stop racing and she will calm down. I realize that this is an awful lot to ask, but please, I love her very much. Please make sure...she takes her medicine, no matter what you have to do. She can be awfully stubborn, but deep down, she's just a kindhearted girl who's very, very lonely. Please, please do what you can for her. I can't thank you enough for your help.'"

Eleanor: "I didn't realize that her mother was so..."

Rokurou laughs, noting Mahina's forceful personality.

Eleanor's malevolence is gone. Velvet helps Laphicet get up...

Velvet: "Nobody's a saint in this world, not even our own mothers. If they need to, they'll lie and use force." 😬

Velvet asks if "she's calmed down." Eleanor has and apologizes.

Velvet asks Eleanor what her next move is. She's going to give Kamoana the berries.

Rokurou: "Alright, get a move on, guys! Let's hurry back to Kamoana!"

We win our prizes!

Velvet asks about Laphicet's condition after that moment. He's more concerned about Eleanor.

Rokurou: "[Eleanor] takes no half-measures. Not with life, not with malevolence, and not with fighting to overcome it. She will get through this. That's just who she is."

We check where the Boss Troll fell...Laphicet's sad that Eleanor's jewel's destroyed...

Laphicet and Rokurou apologize for the jewel.

Magilou: "You better be sorry! That thing must have been worth a king's ransom!" Oh my god, Magilou...money at a time like this?
Laphicet: "Magilou, stop that!" Thank you, Laphicet.
Eleanor: "It's fine. Going easy on a daemon wouldn't really suit you guys. Besides, my mother imparted kindness and generosity upon me, and those are more valuable than any jewel."