Tales of Berseria - Part 151: Third Return to Meirchio

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I climb up the stairs to the deserted Sanctuary...

There's Grim sitting on one of the pews...

Velvet: "Magilou's real name is Magillanica, isn't it?"
Grimoirh: "Yes, it is. She's always been so distant...she's always had strong resonance, and was able to see us malakhim since the day she was born."

Then Bienfu steps in, mentioning her family abandoned her... wow, this got deep really fast...

Eleanor's even shocked at this revelation!

Velvet: "So she got picked up by that crooked troupe..."
Bienfu: "Yeah. That was when she caught m— When I got caught up in her life." How long ago was that?

Magilou's life is almost similar to the Phantom's...

Grimoirh: "You can see why she'd want someone on her side, even if that someone was Bienfu."

Eleanor asked if Magilou fled the circus "after the accident." Bienfu mentions that that "accident" was Melchior's doing.

Grimoirh: "Is it so hard to believe? Melchior was looking for someone he could shape into becoming his worthy successor, so he made sure she survived that wreck."
Eleanor: "He probably justified it as saving the world..."

Velvet asks Grim if she had any connections with Melchior...

Grim knew him "a little," but avoided him for the most part, and never mentioned anything personal.

Eleanor: "As I recall, Magilou trained under Melchior and rose as far up the ranks as legate."
Bienfu: "That's right. She worked really, really hard to get there too."
Grimoirh: "Magillanica Lou Mayvin. When Melchior adopted her and gave her his last name, that was the first time she really felt that she had a home. When she lost that name, she was devastated..."

As Bienfu reveals, she failed one of his tests, and goodbye, Magillanica...

Melchior, you manipulative jerk!

Grimoirh: "She was an empty shell of a person when Bienfu brought her to me. Magilou stayed with me for a little while (maybe years, since Normin's measurement of time is longer than humans), but then one day, she left without warning..."

She got captured and locked up in Titania.

Grimoirh: "I'd ask you to look after her...but I know how that would go."

Now another skit plays, where Grim apologizes to Magilou about telling her real past without her knowing...

Magilou's not worried, as she states that Magillanica's gone.

Grimoirh asks Magilou something: "It wasn't failing to hold up against Melchior's arte that broke your spirit, was it?"

Grim points out the real reason why her "spirit" was gone.

Magilou: "Who can say? I've left my life as Magillanica behind me. I'm not her anymore. I'm the evil witch Magilou who fights alongside the Lord of Calamity!"
Bienfu: "Well, wherever you go, Miss Magilou, I'll follow you as long as I live!"

Now she starts "dealing" with Bienfu for spilling things out about her past (even though it was Velvet who brought it up)...she noogies his cheek...

Magilou's enjoying her "time" with Bienfu...Bienfu calls her "mean."

Grim laughs warmly.

Grimoirh: "I'm glad you've finally found a place where you can belong..."

We get a Color Variant Outfit set for Magilou!

We approach the empty altar...

Velvet: "If you repent your sins in a sanctuary, the Empyreans are supposed to forgive you or something right? If I say something here, I wonder if Innominat will hear me."
Laphicet: "I don't think it works like that. Besides, I doubt this sanctuary was built on an earthpulse point."

Oh Laphicet, you scientist...

Laphicet asks Velvet if she had something to tell him.

Velvet: "Yeah...I wanted to thank him for the comb. And also tell him what I'll be doing next..."
Laphicet: "I'd say that everything you want to say has already made it over to Laphi...because I got it loud and clear myself."
Velvet: "Phi..."
Eizen: "Malakhim turn people's prayers into blessings. What you pray here and now may or may not reach Innominat, but it will give Laphicet strength."
Velvet: "Then I'll pray for just one thing: please take care of—"

And that's it for that scene.

I stop for awhile before returning later for this session.

We go down to meet with Medissa.

Medissa: "Kamoana's come down with a fever."

Eleanor and Laphicet are in shock.

Is it because of the weather?

Medissa: "She just keeps mumbling over and over about how she doesn't want to take her mom's medicine..."

Velvet mentions that they knew about it before. But when was that? I don't remember...

Eleanor thinks of checking back at Haria Village to find it...

Medissa doubts it might work because Kamoana's transformed into a therion, but Medissa decides to look for it. Velvet tells her no since she's wanted by the Abbey, and she's not letting Medissa go.

Medissa: "Don't try to stop me, Velvet."

Silent tension ensues between Velvet and Medissa.

Eleanor breaks the silence by saying that the crew will look for the medicine themselves. She's not letting Velvet fight, as "it won't end well."

Eleanor: "And I would back her [Medissa] up too." She's doing this for Kamoana.

Eizen: "If we have time to argue about this, we have time to go find that medicine ourselves."

Velvet relents.

Medissa asks Eleanor why she's helping Kamoana. Eleanor opens up more about her past...

Eleanor: "After my mother was taken from me, I found myself an orphan of the Abbey. I grew up figuring that I'd probably become a nun and spend my life in mourning. But on the night of the Advent, my inner resonance awakened. I honestly believed that I had been given the power to change the world for the better..."

Magilou's yawning...

Eleanor: "But even after I'd donned the mantle of the exorcists, I was still pathetic. Full of ideals, but so ignorant of the way things really work. That ignorance was what drove me to go after Mahina..." No...

Eleanor: "I can't change the past. But...I can atone. I'd do anything to give her a chance."

Laphicet's head begins to hurt for some reason...

Medissa: "She's in your hands."

Laphicet: "What was that I just felt?" Guilt from Eleanor?

Rokurou asks if he's okay. Laphicet "sensed something, and it wasn't good..." Could it be malevolence?

Laphicet asks Rokurou if Eleanor's the "same." For the time being...

Rokurou: "At least...that's what she projects."

Aside: I noticed a translation typo in that sentence ("it's a cheap project," instead of "that's what she projects"). The sidequests and skits are getting more typos now...

Time to find that medicine!