Tales of Berseria - Part 147: Omega Elixir Complete

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We go back to rainy Reneed, to check on Videl.

Videl's mother's at the entrance, where she gives Laphicet a note. We now have the fourth ingredient left to fetch!

But Videl isn't doing well, he's almost dying from the Twelve-Year Sickness...

Videl's mother tells Laphicet that he "chose to be his friend" when everyone else were afraid of him because of the disease...and thanks him for being his friend.

Laphicet asks for the book, but she doesn't want him risking his life for Videl...plus someone lent the book already.

Poor Videl...

Now Rokurou asks Laphicet if he's going after the fourth ingredient...

Magilou and Velvet tell Laphicet it's hopeless, though Velvet tells him not to blame himself at this point for Videl, calling the Omega Elixir search "a fool's errand."

Magilou calls her out on that.

Velvet: "Sure, it might hurt now, but in time, it will just be another memory."

She starts grimacing evilly.

Velvet: "A sad memory you'll keep tucked away when you'll need it."

Laphicet's not giving up though. Yes, Laphicet!

Velvet then tells him to keep looking for the final ingredient!

Velvet: "Once you've lost him, it'll be too late. No matter how sorry you feel. No matter how deeply you regret. Regrets don't change into memories. They hang over you like a nightmare." A taunting one...

Velvet: "But you haven't lost your friend yet. Or your hope....hold onto it as tightly as you can."

So we gave away the Cloud Sheep Egg...and now we need to find the World Tree Leaf, which is in Davahl Forest!

Now to deal with the Fumes-and-Fruits business all over again...

We pass by the whole forest via geoboard.

There's an exorcist praetor holding a shining leaf...a World Tree Leaf. The praetor tucks it away...

The crew approaches him.

The praetor suspects that the crew's "no ordinary travelers."

Rokurou thinks of taking it by force. Eizen rejects that idea. Eleanor wants to talk, Laphicet does so.

Oddly enough, Velvet calls him "Laphi" here...

Laphicet pulls his Oliver Twist moment here. The exorcist doesn't buy it, and asks him if he knows how to make an Omega Elixir.

He brings up his friend. The praetor asks if he has the other ingredients. Laphicet lies and says no. But he vows that he will save his friend.

He...hands the leaf over to Laphicet!

Laphicet asks if he's sure.

Exorcist: "We're supposed to put the needs of others over those of our own." Of course.

Exorcist: "You think not of yourself. I would be a poor role model were I to deprive you in your time of need."

Laphicet takes it, thanking him.

Exorcist: "By the way, young one... perhaps this will help your cause. I've been studying an old book (Videl's book, probably!), and it would seem that the final ingredient is 'a malak's prayers'."

He credits the Lord of Calamity for taking away a lot of malakhim from the exorcists...as his malak has refused his prayers. He thinks Laphicet may be more successful than him.

The exorcist walks away.

Exorcist: "I have not faltered in my duties as an exorcist. The world must come before my family. I'm so sorry, Videl..."

I knew it!

Laphicet's in shock!

Eizen puts the pieces together, since the exorcist was the one who took Videl's book, he was the one who went into Davahl Forest alone...

Magilou: "Damn though, that's cold! Doesn't that mean he was willing to give up on his son?" Wow...

It looks the exorcist failed his test as Father of the Year there.

Eleanor: "I think...he made the rational decision. Remember, he felt that there was no way he could get the last ingredient for himself, so..."

Laphicet looks pretty grim...

Eleanor points out he risked his life and his time to find the ingredient for Videl.

Velvet points out the truth.

Velvet: "Exorcists can't save the whole world. They have to live their lives conflicted like the rest of us. If everyone lived as selfishly as me, the world would be a wasteland." Fury Road style...

Rokurou knew that the exorcist knew his decision.

Magilou: "Am I dreaming this? Is Velvet actually defending an exorcist? Pinch Me!" *Pinch*

Velvet mentions the other scenario. He would've died. Eizen's grateful that it didn't come to blows.

Velvet: "Phi, I can't tell you what's right in this situation. But if Videl [passes], the sadness will be numbing. I can promise you that." She speaks from experience with the last part.

Laphicet: "But I think even in sandess, hope can spring to life. As long as you keep living."

This game, I swear, the feels it gives me...

Rokurou points out we've got everything to make the Elixir!

Magilou: "We've got Laphicet, Bienfu, and Eizen! Surely we can squeeze in a prayer or two..."

Back to Reneed we go!

Sadly, Videl is losing consciousness...

They make it inside the room where Videl's sleeping...he's calling out Laphicet's name...

Videl: "I'm sorry...Laphicet...I'm sorry I told you to...go away..." ☹️

Videl: "I really wanted to talk to you...more..." No, stop!

Laphicet: "There's so much of the world you still need to see! You have to get better. So we can go on adventures together, okay?"

Laphicet's crying...his tear drop is one of the malak's prayers the book mentioned!

Eizen: "It's the Omega Elixir. So it wasn't really a malak's prayers."
Velvet: "It...was their tears."

The husband's home! But he confesses that he will take his priorities over his job than his family...then Videl walks out to see him! Aaaaahhh!!

Videl's mother: "He's fine! A generous friend worked hard to prep the Omega Elixir for him!"

The exorcist is in shock at who he helped!

Videl reassures him that he helped "[protect] the world in [his] own way."

He comes closer, emotions welling up...

Rokurou: "All's well that ends well, hmm?"
Eizen: "Hard to believe we managed to actually make an Omega Elixir. That's one hell of an accomplishment."
Magilou: "Oh, and here I was anticipating much wailing and dashing of teeth. Videl turned out to be pretty resilient, huh?"
Eleanor: "Can't you just say 'good job'...?"

She does, and Laphicet thanks her, but he credits Velvet for telling him not to give up.

Velvet: "All I did was rile you up. I wouldn't call it encouragement."

Eleanor facepalms.

Eleanor: "Not you too, Velvet."

Velvet: "...That was a noble thing you did, Laphicet. You really held onto your hope all the way through."
Laphicet: "I didn't want to give up on Videl...I haven't felt loss like you have...If I have, I don't think I would've been so sure of myself."
Velvet: "Perhaps. But I think you'll still have it in you, even if you ever do lose something dear...that's just the feeling I get. Look, I'm tired of Eleanor's grumbling, so I thought I'd say something nice for once."
Eleanor: "Could you not make this my fault?!"

Oh Velvet...

Thank goodness that sidequest turned out very well in the end...I thought it would've been over for Videl...