Tales of Berseria - Part 144: The Terror Island

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We head to Yseult and speak to the pirate about Terror Island.

And the island's moving!

Velvet thinks it's a bit dangerous to traverse, but Eizen wants to see it for himself.

I save first before talking to the pirate again.

We set foot onto Terror Island.

Velvet: "Wh-what the hell?"

They see a golden Normin lying like Ian Malcolm on top of a gate! Lol!

Normin: "Hoo-ee! Now this is mighty rare! Looks like we've got ourselves even more guests!"
Normin 2: "Welcome, y'all, to Normin Island!"

Eizen: "Wait, did you say Normin Island?!" He's in shock!

Bienfu and Grim walk off.

Bienfu: "You heard right! This island is homeland for all us normin."
Grimoirh: "It's good to be back. I haven't been here for at least 1500 years..."

The normin are happy to see Grimoirh...

Eleanor: "If you guys knew what this place was all along, why didn't you say something sooner?"

It's a trade secret, I'm guessing.

Grimoirh: "Sometimes it's good to let someone dream, no matter how farfetched said dream might...be..."

The other pirates are feeling relaxed...

Velvet: "So when people say this place 'absorbs power from all existence,' this is what they meant?"

Eizen's facepalming.

Laphicet wonders if he should mark Normin Island. Since it moves a lot, I don't think so.

Rokurou agrees with me, saying "this might be one of those places that's best kept a secret."

Magilou: "Well so much for 'Terror' Island, I guess."

Welcome to Normin Island, Island of "Terror."

Skit: Laphicet's excited that the map's complete!

Eizen calls it "a good start."

Velvet: "You mean there's more?" I hope so.

We've only covered, according to Eizen, "the outer seas that surround Midgand."

Eizen: "But for all we know, a whole new ocean might be waiting on the other side of the far continent."

Laphicet: "...an explorer's job is never done!"
Rokurou: "Is this a hint of greed I detect? Haha, I thought malakhim were above all that!"

Velvet pulls off her "not impressed" face.

Eleanor believes they'll explore every corner of the world!

Magilou: "Assuming you don't become dragons first!"
Eizen: "If that happens it happens. What matters most isn't that you make your dreams come true. It's—"
Laphicet: "It's that you pursue them alongside your friends..."

Eizen: "I don't know how far I'll be able to go...but it's always about the journey not the destination."

Normin Island looks like a big playground...

There's also a Katz here too...

Inside a tent that has a Normin's head, we see the gold statue of Normin Jenessis...

We get new names: Siegfried, who's "the first oracle," and the "great malak" Brunhilt.

The eyes of the Normin tent where the Jenessis statue is is moving.

Other Normin consider Bienfu's face to be "handsome" under the hat.

We climb spiraling steps to the top of a giant wedding cake!

A minigame called "Is It Normin Here?" is basically a memory game, but we're looking at their poses not their colors...this took me a while to get.

Making it down a chocolate ramp, we find a geotree under the bridge.

A Normin mentions that everything's turning back to the way things should be: human resonance decreasing, the Empyreans' domain awoken. But he's worried that the prayers of the people might go away again...

Plus, the malevolence is kept under check by the four Empyreans...hmmm...

On the top of the Jenessis tent, two Normin (Difens and Mynd) talk about someone named Phoenix...by the way they talk about him, he's stubborn.

They're deciding to go on "a biiiig trip" to find Phoenix...

From them, Phoenix, when angered, is "stronger than a daemon".

Phoenix wants "higher wages and Normin independence..."

There's Bienfu standing before Grimoirh, who's sitting on a giant rice cake...