Tales of Berseria - Part 142: Riding the Sidequest Train

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Now a rematch with Jude since I failed to have him use his Mystic Arte on us!

It's still humorous to see Jude as a talking pengyon though...

For this round, Jude unleashes his Mystic Arte on Laphicet: Final Fury!

I switch to fire artes for Rokurou. If Jude's health were a bit lower, I would've gotten the Mystic Arte finish!

Velvet tells the innkeeper to keep the talking pengyon rumor to themselves.

In the sanctuary, one soldier mentions that the liberated malakhim might've been "servants of the Empyrean..."

The elder's thinking about Haria Village's fall to malevolence, or as he calls it, daemonblight. And more victim blaming from one of the townspeople there.

Eleanor jumps in, saying that no one deserved that! Yeah, I agree.

The elder shames the townswoman, telling her not to talk bad about dead people. He mentions that he had a friend in Haria and that "[their] islands were her home."

Eleanor: "Perhaps I have no right to say anything here, but please...don't ever lose that kind heart of yours. That's the best way you can honor the memory of Haria's people."

The townswoman is still thinking like a servant of the Abbey.

We talk to the priest again. He's talking to Bienfu.

Bienfu: (whispering) "Why are you whispering?"

The priest blames the crew for not repenting.

Bienfu: "I don't know what to tell you...You'll have to take it up with them."

The priest is afraid that the crew might clobber him if he even tried to talk to them.

The priest tells Bienfu to confess something "legitimate!"

Priest: "If you don't hurry up, I'll put a curse on you!" Oh my goodness...

Bienfu apologizes and asks him for forgiveness.

Nope. Then Bienfu turns on the waterworks and tells him to "repent for being such a petty mean [...] priest!"

I talk to a Teresa devotee under the boardwalk with two other people. He tells us why he likes her. Laphicet don't care, but he asks him why he's a fan: Teresa's "tinge of sadness." The fan gets poetic about her, and he mentions her in her swimsuit.

Laphicet: "This guy...is really, really creepy." You said it, Laphicet. Eleanor agrees. Even Velvet pities Teresa's job a bit.

Magilou: "Velvet, Eleanor! Quickly! Avert your gaze! If you keep looking at him with disgust and disdain..."

Velvet agrees and they walk off...

I play a geoboard mini game and win Crying Glasses...

Inside the tavern, I talk to a promoter who warns about Yseult's pickiness in comedy.

Rokurou: "I love a good challenge! Believe it or not, I've always been interested in theatre. I thought it would be good for building courage."

Magilou suggests she talks while Rokurou responds.

Rokurou: "Okay, but if you start giving me some jabs am I permitted to counterattack?"
Magilou: "As long as it's not with your sword."

Rokurou laughs creepily.

Magilou: "That's not exactly reassuring!"

Poor Magilou...

Magilou introduces herself and Rokurou as "Magilou & Rokurou."

Rokurou starts giving advice on sword polishing: the sea air's bad for them.

Magilou wants to eat more seafood.

Rokurou jumps in, ruining her cues...and giving more advice on cutting fish.

Magilou says swordfish, Rokurou jumps, his big grinning face lighting up!

Rokurou: "Swordfish! Heh, now if there's one fish out there I'd love to duel at least once, it's that one for sure!"

Rokurou explains his joke about swordfish "being like his rival."

Magilou's done.

Then she mentions more fish, especially a "pufferfish" and Rokurou jumps again!

Rokurou: "Speaking of round animals—okay, I once met this round looking guy named Arma Dylan! I've never seen anyone so round before or even since!"

Magilou jumps in and tells Rokurou "[he's] a nightmare to work with." Everyone's laughing...

The promoter thought that Rokurou's act was "convincing." Plus, Rokurou's "didn't need to act much."

Magilou: "No. You're just a free spirit..."

I wander around the docks before warping back to Stonebury and talking to the promoter there.

Magilou doesn't think Eizen has the talent to pull off a comedy act...

Eizen: "You just underestimate me. I have my own sense of humor."

Magilou drops the George Lucas trademark line again...

Eizen decides to play the fool.

Eizen: "I'll have everyone dying from laughter the way only a reaper can." Be like Batman, Eizen. Deadpan humor is your best quality, not playing a "fool."

Magilou: "Hi there! We're your friendly comedy duo: Death by Laughter."
Eizen: "Magikazam!" Hee...

Eizen explains "rakugo," and namedrops Hatsuan Kuma-san, Oya-san, Yotaro the fool...

Magilou tells him "speed" is important. Eizen thinks "comedy that forgets the old classics has no future." My goodness, where is this going?

Eizen tuts at Magilou. She's not happy.

Magilou pulls a suspicious face. Eizen clicks at her again.

Magilou: "If you respect comedy, then respect my authority!"

Maybe I should put those police glasses on Magilou and make a meme out of it someday...

Eizen clicks his tongue and wants to "imitate a clock."

Magilou's done. Eizen grins.

Eizen: "Whooooo! It's been a while since I've worked so hard."

The promoter thinks they're...okay. But he finds Eizen scary. That's why he should play the serious guy like Batman.

Now another skit plays, where Magilou judges everyone to be... "hopelessly unfunny!"

Velvet's a "little pissed off" by how Magilou said that. Magilou decides to have Bienfu as her partner for their next act.

"Elysian Thunder?"

Or "thunder in the form of relentless ad libbing..."

Rokurou: "You guys are really in sync."
Velvet: "Couldn't you two just have teamed up from the start?"

We talk to a man who mentions a "terrible accident." He mentions a carriage falling into a ravine. The passengers were on their way to be tried for heresy.

Magilou knows about these people, for some reason. She mentions they found everyone except one. A girl, and she was held captive by them...

Magilou: "There were rumors that a strange spirit saved her life." But she doesn't believe that...

The man heard about this story when he was younger, and is "surprised" Magilou knows about what happened to the girl.

She might've been a daemon now.

Eleanor: "Exactly how old are you, Magilou?"
Magilou: "As old as my tongue and a little older than my teeth, hee hee!"
Eleanor: "From your reaction, I can at least tell you're not my age..."

I need to buy more Inoph Bottles...