Tales of Berseria - Part 141: Talking Pengyon

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In the inn, a woman tells us about a talking pengyon. Huh?

It's true. Magilou wants to catch the pengyon like a Pokemon, without the ball.

But, in Yseult, that's a bad omen...

The pengyon yells out that "[it's] a medical student from Rieze Maxia!" What!? So that must be...

She warns us not to visit Maclir Beach when it's nighttime.

From a peddler, we learn that the awakening of the Empyreans has caused massive changes in the weather...

We stay for a night.

Velvet decides to head to the beach...uh oh...

Magilou decides to go with her.

Laphicet too. It's about the talking pengyon.

I quick save before heading out.

Laphicet sees the pengyon!

Velvet: "Think it might be the talking one?"

It probably is...

We slowly approach it.

Pengyon: "Oh, good evening. Lovely weather, isn't it?" He does sound familiar...

Eleanor and Laphicet are in shock!

Pengyon: "Wait, do you guys eat us pengyons too? Please answer...it's very important."

Eleanor comes clean that she eats them. Velvet eats everything.

Pengyon: "Well then, I suppose you people are just like the others who came before. I can't let you keep doing that!"

Magilou decides to play with fate, and taunt him.

The pengyon transforms!

Into Jude Mathis! Aaaaaahhhh! Oh my god!!!

Magilou: "Wahhh! He changed into a human!"

Velvet: "Who the hell are you?"
Jude: "Sorry for deceiving you all...but I can't let you hurt any more pengyons!"

And after we fight, he turns back into a pengyon!

So he's protecting pengyons from poachers...

Rokurou explains that they eat anything. Eleanor mentions she only eats pengyons she bought.

Eizen sums up the crew very well.

Eizen: "We're not good people, but we're not those kinds of villains, either."

Jude apologizes.

Velvet asks who he actually is, thinking he's a "special representative of pengyon-kind".

Jude: "I'm Jude Mathis. I'm a medical student from Rieze Maxia."

Laphicet doesn't know where that is.

Jude: "It's in a different world from yours. Actually, I'm a human just like you all, but...somehow, I was flung into this dimension, and when I came to, I looked like this."

Magilou and Rokurou are trying to believe all this themselves...

So he got taken in by pengyons, and is now protecting them...

Velvet: "But don't you have bigger things to worry about right now?"

She calls him "too soft-hearted." That's definitely Jude.

Jude: "I get that a lot."

The crew can't do anything for him. He'll figure it out, he says.

Jude: "The problem is that a friend of mine got sent to this world with me, but I haven't been able to find her. My hunch is that she's also turned into a pengyon. You haven't heard of any other talking pengyons, have you?"


Eizen asks what his friend looks like.

Jude: "Her name is Milla. She has pretty red eyes and long golden hair. She carries herself with dignity and possesses a commanding presence...oh, and one of her quirks is that whenever she sees something tasty...she drools."

Jude: "Also, she's known as the "Lord of Spirits" because she's accompanied by four Summon Spirits with command over the elements."
Magilou: "Ooooh, Lord of Spirits. How royal-sounding."

Eleanor: "I know it's hard, but try to keep your spirits up, Jude!"
Jude: "Thank you all so much! I hope you guys get a lead on Milla!"
Velvet: "You care about her even more than yourself."
Jude: "...she's just...a really special person to me, I guess."

Aside: This game calls the Sherlock Holmes quote ("When you have eliminated the impossible, then whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth") as Hao's Egg Theorem, instead of Howe's. Translation error?

The next morning, Eleanor thought she was dreaming last night. Laphicet says the pengyon's real, and he's Jude.

Rokurou: "He said he came from another world. No matter how much we see, life is full of mysteries, isn't it?"
Eizen: "He's got guts, I'll give him that."

Eizen: "If he was telling the truth, that would make him a castaway from another dimension."

Magilou's more interested in "this Milla girl, the Lord of Spirits." She thinks she might know the Four Empyreans. I don't think so.

I'll have to fight him again since I missed his Mystic Arte!