Tales of Berseria - Part 14: Broiling Hatred

Heading down the storehouse ladder, we climb a snow-covered vine outside...

Velvet asks Rokurou if he's cold because of the ice...

Oh my god, Rokurou! "Watch where your eyes wander" indeed!

He lost some parts of his humanity, like shame, but not completely. He can still "enjoy a drink" every now and then...

At the gates, there's merchants trying to get into town.

Now, where to head next...

We see some princessia flowers blooming before a set of small boulders before a cave. Rokurou calls them "gutsy."

Another flashback to Velvet's time in Aball...

She sees Arthur with some villagers discussing finishing preparations.

Arthur: "The time is nigh, Celica. Time to do what needs to be done. For you, for him...for everyone."

He notices Velvet.

Celica loved Arthur. And Arthur says that he finds Celica, Velvet, and Laphicet "all important to him."

Rokurou asks Velvet what princessias "signify," just like what Velvet asked Laphicet. "Betrayal," she says. Ouch.

We head for the northern cavern, which is the northern checkpoint, Faldies Ruins.

We head back since we can't go there yet.

There's some vines here, but there's a boulder at the top.

We open the nearby wooden gate.