Tales of Berseria - Part 13: Enter Teresa Linares and the Shipping Guild

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I have Velvet go in the sanctuary.

A mother and her son in there had family who lost their life to daemons.

Candles are being lit to soldiers and exorcists to honor them.

One child wants to be an exorcist, and is excited to hear praetor Teresa's sermon.

Checking the math, it's been ten years since the Opening, and three since the Arrival, or the Betrayal.

Reading from a guide, I have Velvet check around the alleyways and the rooftops to get more valuable items, one of them has our first gold chest!

Now I have Velvet talk to the guildmember with the star above him. It's the shipping guild master, who's cursing about some person named Dyle, who's dead.

Unfortunately, the guild can't help Velvet because "business is currently suspended."

Praetor Teresa Linares appears in her old-fashioned rich white dress. She looks like a holy princess, and refers to herself in third person. Wait a minute, one of the child malakhim with her there is the one that got the compass!

My god...Teresa silences one of her malakhim very harshly, calling him "number two." 😦

She blames the entire guild for one person's mistake...

The Abbey puts fear into everyone. After the Abbey's done with Dyle, the guild can reopen business.

Velvet looks away while Magilou sits on a stoop.

Teresa looks at Velvet's wardrobe, and asks if she's cold...

Velvet fakes sneezing. Teresa carries on.

Magilou smirks, and is fake-shocked at the Abbey's "cruel, cruel" extremism.

Velvet offers her services to catch Dyle to the guild. But, Dyle's a daemon now...

Dyle, a lizard daemon, lives in a nearby village. The guild officer warns Velvet to prepare for anything. Even the possibility of taking care of Dyle.

Now we see Rokurou at the weapon stall.

I read the synopsis and it turns out that Teresa is Oscar's sister!

One of them mentions that malakhim are commonplace to see nowadays, but they don't answer to everyday people.

From a guard, I learn another town called Beardsley's near Hellawes.

Even the tight orderly grip on the Abbey can be felt in the tavern too...the bartender thinks of ratting out the two drinkers in another table, who complain about the Abbey's rule.

There's even a Teresa, or a "Frozen Queen," worshipper who admires her there!

I head to the inn. One trader thinks that under Teresa's rule, Hellawes has boomed.

I save before talking to Rokurou.

I check out the wares in the weapon shop, some of them are the same weapons, but with different effects attached to them...

Rokurou found some good weapons.

Now our next task is to find Dyle the lizard daemon.

Magilou decides to scurry off to look for the person that sent her to jail...goodbye!

And Rokurou officially joins the party!

I check Rokurou's equipment and stats before moving on.

Back to the action, I learn from an orderly important stuff: They use "resonance" to control malakhim, and that praetors act as priests, mayors, and colonels for the Abbey.

My god, everything's changed in the last three years in this game.

Two people mention Dyle, and are frightened of him...one of them considers mercy killing as the only option.

I also learn that the village Dyle lives in refuses to let the Abbey in...

We listen to some kids planning their annual Hellawes Snowball War near the sanctuary...Rokurou's in on the action.

They're also planning to have mabo curry for lunch. Yum...

I switch the character displayed on the map, and they're voiced if they're selected!

There's a middle-aged woman complaining about the cold. Global cooling's happening in this game!

Near the entrance, Rokurou points out the animal here is a yak. Yak hair's good for "pluming a helmet," and Rokurou gets into a flashback about a helmet his family owned like the one he describes, mentioning that the helmet and Stormhowl are the two treasures his family's famous for. Velvet don't care.

We rest at the inn.

Rokurou's practicing his sword drills and I see a shirtless (!) pic of him...I also get a Jacketless Outfit for him in the fashion section.

Velvet points out it's "him being him."

After saving, we head out.

From a sailor, we learn that the Abbey developed flamestone. And if it wasn't for flamestone, Hellawes wouldn't have prospered.

Unfortunately, we also learn that the Abbey ordered all ships to stay in dock until Dyle is taken care of. Plus, anything important, like precious ores, has to be checked by an exorcist.

Velvet's "tight lid" statement is an understatement. The Abbey is the ultimate red, or holy white, tape. Without the Abbey, though, humanity would be gone, says the sailor.