Tales of Berseria - Part 12: Hellawes, Tranquil Boreal Capital

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We're now inside a storage room...

Magilou smells more Flamestone, or melchionite, only found in Northgand.

So basically, flamestone's the equivalent of coal, huh?

The child's gone, but we're now in Hellawes proper.

Rokurou suggets looking for the local maritime guild to fix up the ship, and to find a sailor.

Magilou should be a narrator.

Rokurou's thinking of looking for weapons, even though (as Velvet points out) he's carrying one. Nope, not a chance, he says. Must be his family's rules that can't allow him to wield it, I think.

We take everything we could forage inside the storehouse before heading outside.

The port outside looks cold and beautiful.

More treasures to forage and take!

More people are talking about the strict inspections that the Abbey's taking ever since a disaster happened...hmmm....

There's also pirates in this game, too, huh?

One merchant mentions it'll take a week to go to Loegres from Hellawes, where Artorius, "the world's savior", is.

One child wants to be an exorcist. So do others. But, as one of them points out, they "work hard" to protect everyone from daemons, hence why they look up to them.

Velvet: (thinking) "Hmmm...they're treated like heroes. I suppose to normal people, they are."

One mentions a praetor Teresa, who can manipulate child malakhim. Eeeeee....

Another mentions a blond praetor (Oscar?) too, holding a big book.

We're now in the city proper.

So Hellawes is headed by praetor Teresa Linares, known as the "praetor of praetors," and has plenty of exorcists here.

Thanks to the exorcists, according to another citizen, the daemons are already on the run.

Other local children mention their relatives, who've been lost to daemons...Velvet points out their "thirst for revenge."

I see the guild ayonder.

Velvet notices the shipping guild, while Rokurou runs off to get some weapons.

The guild's going through tough times as the Abbey's cracking down on them...

I see a Katz box!

The box needs 15 spirits to open, which we have and do. We rescue a Katz, and get another fashion accessory: Square Glasses!

Bye, cute Katz!

We save at the point near the sanctuary.