Tales of Berseria - Part 11a: Explanation in Ekatzcipation

I go back to the Katz person. They're asking for help. Rokurou thinks they're a cat daemon. Velvet calls them a "weirdo." Magilou knows they're Katz, and says that she hasn't seen one since being locked up in prison.

Magilou tells them that a Katz is some special malak of sorts.

Aside: The Katz are another Tales series staple.

Rokurou: "I understand that they're hard to understand, at least." That sort of sums up most of the plotlines of the Tales games in general, imo.

The Katz ask for katz spirits, or those mana masses we've been collecting.

So they're Katz Spirits...and we have to "emeowcipate" the spirits by collecting and bringing them back to Katz to open "Katz Boxes," the pink chests with the kitten ears and whiskers...

Opening one frees a daemon. The second chest: a dog, and the third: a Katz!

Velvet thinks "ekatzcipate" should be the right word. The Katz person says she's clever...and tells us again to rescue their Katz siblings.

Velvet's asking the right question: What's the reward for helping the Katz?

Magilou points out they have special powers, and promises to free them from the boxes.

But, if one snubs or ignores a Katz, they curse them...better help them!

Rokurou thinks it's a good "on the side" quest.

So now we know what those floating balls of mana are: Katz Spirits.

After that, we get a Ten Gallon Hat as an accessory...

There's so many kitty puns here...