Tales of Berseria - Part 111: Leaving Baird Marsh

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Another dream, she looks at the faces of the late Oscar Dragonis and Teresa Linares.

Velvet: "...They're dead. No...I killed them. I'm the same as the Shepherd..."

Celica and Laphi await behind her.

Velvet: "I killed her brother before her very eyes..."

This is a lot to take in...

Laphi: "It's not the same..."
Velvet: "It is...! But I didn't have any choice! It was the only way to avenge you! It was all for you! I did it for you!"

She shakes him. He falls. Her therion arm's out.

Velvet: "I didn't want this."

She cries. Now comes the Shepherd alongside Celica.

Celica: "There's nowhere left to run."
Shepherd: "Nowhere for you, or for me..."

Velvet gets up.

Velvet: "Nowhere left."

Rokurou asks if she's alright.

Velvet: "I ate too much. That's all."
Eleanor: "They...they were close. They supported each other ever since they were children."
Velvet: "I just did to them what they were going to do to us."
Eleanor: "And who will killing them save?"
Velvet: "The soul of my murdered brother."

Magilou now states the Abbey's probably going to create a new therion.

Velvet's internally justifying the murders of Oscar and Teresa.

Another skit: Magilou's somber at the events that happened...

Eizen: "We never expected that Teresa would be a therion either."
Phi: "Velvet and...Teresa weren't so different. They both loved their brothers."
Rokurou: "Not everyone loves their brothers." Yeah, Rokurou, we know about your case.

Now our next move is to find another therion, says Magilou.

Phi points out the difficulty of doing that. Rokurou also thinks that by doing so, it's going to delay or stop the Abbey's plans to summon Innominat.

Eizen considers this moment an opportunity to attack the Abbey.

So much speculation on whether there's going to be a new therion or not...

Phi also thinks that Velvet needs to rest.

Rokurou: "If we're going to take down the Shepherd, she has to be there with us."

Freeing the Katz in Baird Marsh, we get an Earth Normin Suit for Eleanor!

We use a bottle to head back to the wharf...

There's Benwick with a sylphjay carrying a message...

It seems the Abbey's now about to strike.

Benwick: "They have orders to eliminate the Lord of Calamity!"
Magilou: "...Looks like the hideout's not so hidden after all."

Eleanor denies saying anything to the Abbey.

Velvet decides that they're going to rescue the therions.

Eizen asks Benwick if he got that info from the Bloodwings. It's from a peddler.

Phi wonders if it's a trap. Probably. Velvet decides to spring it anyway.

Phi figures out that the exorcists are going to Titania as fusions...

Magilou points out Velvet can't consume fused exorcists.

Velvet makes up her mind...Oooh boy...

Magilou points out if the exorcists stay fused for a long time, their malakhim will get exposed to malevolence and become dragons. But Melchior was one step ahead...

Eleanor: "To think they would go that far..."

There's Bienfu at a distance. No one's asked him anything.

Magilou closes her eyes.

Skit: Eleanor wonders what the Abbey's move is if they let the crew capture their therions. Is it to ensure that we keep them in one place so they could take them back easy?

Eizen notices the Abbey's plan is flawed all over.

Magilou wonders if the Abbey actually needs the therions...

Magilou: "Why did Melchior place that illusion on Aball to lure Velvet in?"

To capture her, Phi thinks. But if he didn't, he would just make a new therion and take care of Velvet.

Melchior didn't bother with Orthie and Russ either...maybe they were experimental therions?

Phi: "I don't understand it...it's like they're toying with us..."

That's probably it. The therions are probably a red herring by Melchior and the Abbey!

Eizen thinks the Abbey's trying to mess with the crew.

Magilou: "Whatever's going on, I don't think we're going to like it..."

A third skit: Siegfried and Armati.

Rokurou asks Eleanor about the fusion arte that the Abbey developed.

Eleanor was well aware that there was a top secret department the Abbey had.

Eleanor: "Word was that they were deciphering ancient scrolls and books coming from every corner of the empire."

Eleanor also points out that Teresa knows ancient languages and called upon her occasionally for assistance, namely for tomes meant to control malakhim.

Eizen points out that they knew about Siegfried and its powers from their research, and thus created the fusion ability.

Phi asks about Aifread.

Eizen's still worried about him...

It looks like Aifread might have also been subject to fusion experiments...ughhh...this is not good...

We get our rewards from the Bloodwing agent and see a new code red to fight, back in Titania!