Tales of Berseria - Part 108a: Millionaire-pede

I run back to the area near the red barrier where the code red daemon is.

Then I realize the green barrier's up. I find the green switch in the area where I saved to lower them.

I also pick up our first Hourglass (another Tales series staple item) in the chest east of the green crystal switch.

I lower the red barrier, and go to the code red daemon area.

There's a trove of Katz spirits here too!

Now to face our many-legged friend...

Magilou: "Whoo! It's a biggie!!"

The daemon's a dragon type, who's weak to wind, but strong against water...

We keep attacking the daemon...and it crawls away very fast! We eventually catch up to it...

Now at half-health, the daemon calls for reinforcements!

As soon as it does that, its guard is dropped!

We keep up this chase and attack spam...

Now the daemon rolls and leaps around the area!

Rokurou deals the final blow!