Tales of Berseria - Part 10: Declaration of Revenge

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Seres: "A flame burns in my heart too. A flame I cannot quench, no matter how hard I try. Just like you, Velvet..."

She hands over Laphicet's comb to Velvet. Velvet's in shock!

Oh my god...

Velvet: "I offer no apology or thanks." Seres: "I need neither. Our wishes...are one and the same..."

Seres's mask breaks!

Seres: "I treasured those days...when you and I...and Arthur were...together."

Seres cries...

Velvet consumes her, and she sees Seres's memories with her and Artorius.

More flashbacks...where Artorius mourns on his knees after seeing Celica (?) sacrificed...Seres walks away...

Seres leaves behind a ring...

Oscar comes to...

Now Velvet threatens to eat the Drake, the dragon daemon before her!

We get the Sorcerer's Ring, another Tales franchise staple!

Now we can "break souls," or, use a more powerful arte!

But I have to be careful, because if I use an arte like this, Velvet loses one soul, and the enemy gains one soul.

After a flurry of attacks and kicks at him, and fire breaths from him, I realize this daemon is weak against wind...

It's also the first battle where I use items.

I finish off the Drake, with Velvet having only 1 HP left! Oh my god...

Oscar's malak strikes Velvet on the side...Oscar apologizes for that.

Velvet says her name to him.

Velvet: "You can give Artorius my regards!" Holy heck!

She consumes the Drake with her arm!

Velvet: "My name is Velvet Crowe. And I will devour daemon, malak, and exorcist alike!" Oh my god...

Velvet: "I am a monster. I am a THERION!" My god!

She burns Oscar with a fireball! He and his malak retreat!

She looks at Laphicet's comb...

Magilou and the swordsman wander in!

The swordsman's still annoyed at Magilou jumping at him in surprise!

The swordsman introduces himself.

Rokurou: "Rokurou Rangetsu at your service. This blade is my life. I owe you a great debt, one I vow to repay."

Magilou casually says "massacring the rioters" with a bubbly tone. It's a bit unsettling...

Velvet demands their help.

We get a Battle Garment and a Vampire's Glacite from the battle.

I get more pointers about final blows on an enemy. I'm also told that I can also restore my health after performing a Break Soul arte.

Velvet's Break Soul arte is a Consuming Claw. When using this arte, the lower her health, the more power she has.

There's the ship!

It's still stormy out...

Magilou faints on the ground in dramatic fashion. To quote Ron Weasley, "heart of a lion, this one."

Rokurou knows his way around a ship a bit. He's no sailor, though.

Magilou gets up and asks Velvet if she has a proper crew, warning about the storm, and getting lost.

Velvet points out that's why compasses were invented: to avoid getting lost.

Magilou's sort of funny...

Velvet: "I'm coming for you, Artorius."

The ship sails away as the guards come.

Here's the music for Titania Prison.

Aside: (ciphered) Gur punenpgre gung V zragvbarq va gur ortvaavat orsber gur cynlguebhtu gung V fnvq fbeg bs erzvaqrq zr bs bar bs zl BPf vf Ebxhebh.