Tales of Berseria - Part 1: Dusting Out the Daemons

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My PS4 controller light's turned pink for some reason, It's doing that because the game's blocked me from the controls since I'm in a "blocked scene."

I'm now in the audio language window.

English or Japanese? Hmmmm...this is a bit of a tricky decision here...

I choose English.

I listen to the intro in full, one of the first times I've done it for a Tales game before I started playing the game.

The opening looks beautiful, and it gets to the action scenes, which move so fricking fast...I'm blocked from taking any screenshots at this point...

The people in white I'm guessing are the antagonists. But, who are they?

The only characters I recognize so far are the "protagonists"...

I'm now at the menu.

Hmmm, I read the license part, and this game uses Lua as its scripting language, I'm guessing.

And since I pre-ordered this game, I get some free DLC, but I don't use them yet...

I proceed, and I can fix the config settings here. I fix the skit and battle voices to go to the TV only, and I'm set!

A red blood moon fills the land...

More warfare, and tons of village razing...

There's the gray-haired man with a young girl running. The gray-haired man is Arthur, and the young girl is Velvet.

Arthur: "They're already daemons."

Arthur gives Velvet a fruit (?) from a person named Celica.

He tells Velvet not to give into despair, and runs off to save more people.

The scene is very tense, and someone screams!

Velvet and someone older (Celica?) with her runs out of the hole in the tree...

There's a man screaming and writhing, and he turns into a big daemon!

She screams for Arthur's help, and the scene cuts to someone getting pinned in the sky.

Velvet wakes up! She's in a prison.

There's a daemon!

And there's Velvet fighting the daemon! She finally takes care of him! But, why does her left arm look different?

Velvet: "On that day, the world began to change. Men and beasts possessed by evil spirits. Hunting and killing anyone they could. But, even in the depths of despair, only two things matter to me: the taste of blood-soaked flesh, and revenge upon one man." Oh god... ☹️