Tales of Arise - Part 4: Enter Lord Balseph

We're now in another place, I think this might be the woman's flashback. No, it isn't...

Balseph: "Now hurry and bring me Shionne!" I'm guessing the woman is the Shionne this guy's looking for.

A holographic voice speaks.

Holovoice: "Someone's in a bad mood." No kidding.

Holovoice: "Lord Erwolsey, ruler of Orbus Calaglia...Ah, but it's 'Wild Beast' you prefer, isn't it? Do forgive me."

The holovoice speaking is Ganabelt Valkyris.

Looks like he's offering "help" in his own way. Balseph is having none of his nonsense.

Ganabelt throws a parting shot, mentioning Balseph's two failed attempts at taking the throne.

A Crown Contest? That "contest" almost sounds downright tame at face value.

He's expecting to win.

Balseph smashes his glass!