Terranigma - Part 40: Thanks and Tribulations

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I finally realize what Tera's doubting is our traveling past the Indus River to the mountains to wake the humans up.

Back at the lions' den, Leim's return means that the cycle of animals will continue. Leim's happy at the news of his test results...

leim happy

...but he prefers being our traveling companion.

Neo makes a cough before thanking us for bringing back Leim from the canyon. He gives us one of his fangs as a reward for rescuing Leim, and tells us that he will notify the other animals.

fang get

Now at the Indus River where Tera, or another monkey, is dancing, thanking us for escorting Leim back to the den.

rhino bridge

To reward us, a bridge of rhinos to cross the Indus River is their gift.

On the other side, two merchant souls have older wares to prepare for what's to come...the new item here is a Fur Coat, which we can't afford yet.

I save my session before exiting the riverbank...

We're reaching East Asia now...


I scour some parts of the world here to see if I've missed anything...none so far. We traverse the mountain range, where I notice a mountain pass north. Way to the east of the pass is a forest, containing the Yangtze River.

yangtze river

I suppose the only way to go is through the mountain pass...

The mountain pass is actually the entrance to the snowy Eklemata.

eklemata entrance

Moving west, an elemental appears with two gems spinning around its orbit.

Heading east, a quick snow wolf lunges at us!

The elemental monster is pretty hard to hit!

Extra reinforcements arrive when we move to the southwest of the snowfield...

Before taking care of the wolf, or the Sabredog, they cry for more reinforcements, which promptly arrives!

Knowing I'm unprepared for this, I have Ark head back to the river, and save again.

We go back all the way to the Kingbird's Nest and out of curiosity, I have another gull fly us to Kamiyo.

This time, we're heading out west...

After circling around a familar archipelago, we land at the northernmost tip of the longest island...

kamiyo landing

So this is Kamiyo...


We do a little bit of exploring around the long island, which looks a lot like Honshu...

exploring kamiyo

There's not much to see here, so we fly back.