Terranigma - Part 34: Zue

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We arrive at a dark, foggy canyon...

foggy canyon

Charging south, a stray cactus warns us about how hard survival is in these parts...

cactus turn back

Going back, another stray cactus says the same thing.

Further south, a sleeping owl warns me to stay away from this area too, and for good reason: the "fiends"...but we have to press on.

owl warning

I try and have Ark climb the vine only for the owl warning us to turn back.

The owl's eyes have no whites to them...a bit unsettling.

Since we can do nothing here for now, we leave.

We head to the west fork opposite the savannah instead of returning to the gull in Safarium...

In here is Zue.


We go west, where we see our first fiend in a year: a leaping lizardman with a blade!


With ease, we take care of that one, and another north, near a small hole of shrubs!

Instead of crossing through the shrubbery, Ark crawls there, and another lizard fiend shows up!

After healing Ark's wounds, we go east, up the north passage, where the sky darkens and rain pours down!

rain clouds

I go southeast and fight off another turtle, whose defense is rock solid!

South, we meet a chameleon not with a long tongue, but with long legs!

After we take care of him, a small bug (a mosquito?) comes out and bites us with small damage!

After the second chameleon is gone, we throw some shrubs, where we find another small bug and take care of them as well!

The sun begins to shine again...


The weather might be a factor in this dungeon, so we have to tread carefully...

After fighting off a third bug by throwing their nest at them, Ark levels up!

North, we fight off another turtle, or as the game calls them, a Dungun!

The sunlight lowered their defense a bit...

I have Ark do charging attacks at a third Dungun, quickly taking care of them...

South, we fall in a bedrock...

We follow the path west until we see a nearby cliff of roots, with another Dungun wandering around at the top.

Clearing out the area of shrubs and small bugs, we're back at the entrance!

Getting nowhere, I decide to leave and go back to the Kingbird's Nest, and save here.

flying wheeee

The scenery of the world map looks so nice...