Klonoa: Door to Phantomile - Vision 4-2: A Lull In the Wind ~The Leviathan's Ice Cavern~

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We're out of that ruin!

vision start

After all those challenges back there, I wouldn't be surprised if it got harder from here.

And I'm right, as it starts off with sliding with spikey monsters! I end up losing one life!

end of grass slide

At the end, we end up in a cave entrance near a waterfall!

Lucky a hidden egg gives us a slight mercy with a small heart!

Inside the cave, we get into more riding rapids action!

Two friends from Jugpot rescued!

At the end of the creek ride, we end up in another cave, with a green crystal barring our way through! 🤔

green crystal

No specific creature here, so I have Klonoa throw the nearest one at it! It works!

A bubbling updraft pushes Klonoa upwards, preventing us from getting our third friend!

No problem, as I get a flame ball critter and break one block!

Ghosts materialize, and the second crystal block is taken care of!

Ahead, I notice a switch, and a giant red boulder opposite blocking the way forward.

Hoping I might get some dream stones, we take care of a few spinning spinies...

on leviathan skull

Is this cave named after the Leviathan skeleton were standing on?

There's plenty of paths to go to in this area...

We head upwards.

Changing my mind, I choose to have Klonoa fall (sorry!) as a way to get back to the tunnels I missed since the updrafts prevent us from going back down.

Back again, the higher tunnel leads us to these bubble updrafts, where we rescue a fourth friend, and get an extra life!

bubble updrafts empty

Next stop is to break the crystal block beneath us...

crystal block below

More spikeys, and a dream sprite challenge await!

dream sprite underfloor

We go back and upwards...

Seeing a tunnel that the updraft couldn't reach, we do another tricky combo jump to get in.

fifth friend puzzle

After that puzzle's done with, the crumbling ribcage of the frozen Leviathan become our platforms to get across.

It seems that the flying Moo we used to rescue the last friend of this level is our ticket out.

almost at exit

As I type this, a flying Moo appears!

And we're back at Grandpa's house!

grandpa wave

Grandpa leaps and waves back!

Klonoa: "Whew... He's safe..." Don't tempt fate, Klonoa.

And I'm right again!

joka invasion

Joka powers his beam...

Oh no...

klonoa in shock

He vaporizes Grandpa's cabin!!!

And one of Joka's minions beams up the Moon Pendant...

beam up pendant

Oh my god.

destroyed house

We proceed ahead to chase Joka.

tunnel ahead

Boss: Baladium

Joka: "Well, it looks like you're a bit late to the party."

He shows off the Moon Pendant to our faces!

give it back

The anger and distress in Klonoa's voice... ☹

Joka sends out two Boomies to blow up the cliffs, trapping us!

And his next little pet!


baladium 2

We use one of the flying Moos, and avoid the boss's spikes to attack him!

To hinder us on the second swing forward, the boss throws crystals!

We pare the boss down to a single life! Then, the boss becomes invincible!

It turns out the flashing parts of the boss are its weakness! Why didn't I see that?

A few tries later, it's over!

vision clear

Klonoa: "Grandpa!"

He runs off to Grandpa...

klonoa holding grandpa

Grandpa: "Klonoa... Sorry... The Pendant... Stolen..."

Poor Klonoa...poor Grandpa...

He asks us if we saw Granny. We did.

Grandpa: "Good... You're a strong child... Klonoa... Seems like fate will run its course..."

short while

A "short while"? 🤔

Grandpa: "My great... child of the wind... Get the Pendant back... That is your... your... des... ti... ny..."

He falls.

Huepow apologizes to Grandpa.

Klonoa yells out for his Grandpa once again...

Klonoa: "Grandpa!!!"

ahiru crying waaaaaaaaaaa

After awhile...

what do we do?

Huepow, getting over Grandpa's death so quickly (or trying not to think about it), is on the task of getting back the Moon Pendant. Klonoa, still mourning, doesn't know how we'll get it back.

pamela distance


Huepow: "That's Jugpot's..."
Klonoa: "Pamela! Wow, you can fly in the air..."

Pamela knows what's happened so far thanks to Granny and the King.

Klonoa jumps aboard Pamela!


She tells us where our next stop is.

next stop

Klonoa: "The Temple of the Sun. Let's go!"

Huepow lets out a little smile.

It seems we got all our friends from the ground. Now for the sky...

In the next session!

Oh my god. Just...wow.

RIP Klonoa's Grandpa. 😔