Klonoa: Door to Phantomile - Vision 3-2: The Stopped Gear ~The Tree Mansion of Machinery~

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By the title of this level, this is going to be interesting...

vision start

Last session, Klonoa got aboard a floating log platform not unlike the bonus level platforms seen in a certain game franchise...

Klonoa crash-lands on a net!

net landing

Ooh, a familiar creature appears behind us, a Boomie!

I use his explosions to activate the switch below us, which activates a platform. It takes us a short distance outside a nearby entranceway.

Now which way to go?

purple or green path

We take to the purple entrance.

bridge long shot

The elaborate machinery in the next room makes me think a bit on its use. But since it's not moving...

We pick up a key on a half-stump, and go back!

We go to the green passage, and the platform pushes us back to the entrance!

I jump on the platform twice and end up with more Boomies and a locked door ahead.

After unlocking that door, I jump back on the wooden platform and the hammer below kicks us back outside the green passage.

Since there's no way ahead, I pick up the dream stones and let the hammer-driven platform carry Klonoa to all the passages.

I later realize this mechanism's an elevator of sorts.

We go outside through the opened door...

There's lots of ways to fall down from here.

I end up losing two lives because of them!

We rescue one friend, though...the hard part is finding the other friends and finding Granny...

The switch here is...relatively easy to activate.

I suddenly realize I used up a dream sprite. I was supposed to use it after activating the switch!

Seems the switch lowered a nearby bridge...

bridge lowered ext

Getting that blue stone in the corner, though...eeee...

blue stone top corner

A Boomie appears, and I get the stone, and we get another surprise! A friend isn't in there, but an extra life!

Inside again, crossing a bridge...

I double back to get a Boomie to break out a second friend from an egg.

As we make it outside the tree, Joka's plotting his next game for us.

joka locked

He sees us, tells us "[we're] too late," and leaves! He didn't even mention the rules...

After some fun with a roller and a few Boomies, we come across another bubble...


I get the roller and pop it to free friend number three!

Inside the tree now, we run into some Boomies again!

I wonder what we should do to open this door?

locked door

Activating the switch nearby opens the door, but it's timed.

Placing a Boomie below the switch, we run!

It isn't hard, but it's always the timing that I trip up on.

Third time, we make it!

And our nemesis taunts us...

joka taunt

Not a problem, as it seems we're getting an introduction to chain double jumping.

chain jump


joka not happy


Joka ends up charging at the dead end, dropping the key!

With a floating leap of faith, we get the fourth friend out!

We head back outside and open the door Joka locked!

door open

I wonder what these three switches are for? Is there a specific order to activate them?

three switches

Left, center, right! Nope!

Left, right, and center!

The half-stump mechanism is now working!

machinery working

More backtracking...

At the purple passage, we get on the half-stump, and rescue friend number five!

The mechanisms don't look like they're moving, but they are moving Klonoa...

mech gears

We get the last friend of this level...and fall! Dangit.

Second time, we make it, and have to climb a spiraling ramp of rolling spike ball fury!

ramp entrance

I get everything here, and take the lift to the top of the tree!


Boss: Gelg Bolm

Granny's tied up...

Joka wants Granny to spill the beans on the Moon Kingdom.

Granny is a tough bird. She says nothing.

Klonoa comes in to save the day!

Joka, not pleased, summons his next little pet: Gelg Bolm!

Joka flees, but not before giving us this tip to his pet: "Watch out for attacks from above!"

Thanks, Joka! 😅

gelg bolm

That's a big mouth! And gold-plated jaws!

After one life lost, we get a hit in!

It seems the boss is easier to hit from the edges of the arena.

Now the boss gets clever.

The boss throws spores and summons a big, rolling spore at us!

The boss starts leaping!

The Moos make it a bit tough to beat this boss!

After hit number three, Gelg Bolm's not playing nice now.

gelg bolm red

The boss crab-walks faster, and even summons a bigger spore to stop us!

Hit number five, and it's over!

vision clear

Klonoa asks how Granny is. Granny's response is a bit relatable.

what a day

Granny thanks Klonoa for the rescue. Klonoa gets to his question: about the Pendant.

Granny: "Dark Spirit returns...Moon Pendant, Diva Lephise, and the dream that creates this world...It is all according to legend. Moon Pendant, key to Moon Kingdom." Oh my god.

Granny: "Place offering on Temple of the Sun's pedestals, then path opens."

Huepow knows about the place, saying the Temple of the Sun is a floating temple. But he asks how to get there...

Granny asks where the Moon Pendant is. Oh no...if the Pendant's with Klonoa's Grandpa, then...

Granny tells us to hide that pendant "very well."

I knew it! Joka overheard the whole thing!

joka overheard

Joka's going to go back to the Wind Village! He waves his white handkerchief, mocking us!

save grandpa

Granny gives us a faster way back: The Wind Ruins. She warns us that there are dangers in there too. Knowing how this will turn out, it's not going to get easier from here.

Meanwhile, our troupe of friends is now turning into an orchestra!