Klonoa: Door to Phantomile - Vision 3-1: Rebirth of the Forest ~Forlock, The Tree Village~ (Pages 1-3)

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Last session, I forgot to bring up how many friends we rescued so far...here they are.

new friends

As a warmup, I take on yesterday's level.

I mess up on the boss rematch and the dream sprite challenge with the rolling spike balls, though.

The big leaf lifts us up to a higher part of the forest...

vision start

The forest is growing back thanks to our efforts in Jugpot...

A new gameplay element is introduced here: the trampoline.


As I said before, timing is important, and trampolines emphasize that. I'm more or less telling myself this as a memo.

Boxes are here too, huh?


An ambush! Moos and their armored counterparts await us! The Armored Moos have creepy, cute grins painted on their armor.

Let's see if the old tricks to take care of them work...

And they do!

We make it to a small hut, where a forest local is tied up...

As Klonoa is untying the ropes, the local calls Klonoa "not one of the bad ones." Klonoa introduces himself. It makes me wonder, do all the other kingdoms keep to themselves?

The guard gets to his feet. Klonoa jumps in surprise.

gondola guard

Oh Klonoa...

Meanwhile, above the trees, Joka is not pleased. Keep being annoyed at Klonoa, Joka, because we won't stop.

Now Joka starts a game: flying Moo keep-away. The item he's keeping away is the key in this level.

flying moo and joka

The Moos are cute, but they do have a sense of soullessness to them.

Back at the hut, the guard warns us it's a "long trip ahead."

He's not wrong, as we meet a spike ball spitter, and a new Moo variation.

trampoline moo

As soon as we get to the higher floor, we lost a life!

We use a gondola to make it to the hut in the background, but I change my mind, thinking there's nothing there, and go west.

I see an egg floating on one of the thickets in the hut behind us...

We rescue a friend, and double back to the large hut, surrounded by blue Moos in grinning armor.

We break the egg, and get a key!

key get

So much for Joka's keep-away game!

We rescue our second friend after breaking a box.

I try breaking more boxes lodged on a tree in the background, where the enemies I use end up phasing through the tree.

Now to the other side, where trampoline Moos and a trio of armors await.

We break the supporting box, and the top box lands!

We double back around, and get another key from the box!

This is probably going to be called the key-and-gondola level, if this keeps up.

key open

Now to another area...

I go down into a small pit, and keep getting hit by rollers! I use one to open up a flower...

And it's holding an egg!

The rolling rollers cost Klonoa another life!

As I expected, our fourth friend is in that egg.

After losing another life, and almost a third, we rescue that friend, and get out of the rollers' pit to proceed to the trampoline pillars.

big armor moomoo

That's a big armored Moomoo!

I shed its armor, but since there's no enemies nearby to use, I go west.

I was thinking I was reaching a dead end, but it seems I'm entering frustration land.

tree hole jump

Picking up enemies when Klonoa is standing on a trampoline is a careful operation. Otherwise, I end up making Klonoa double jump if the timing is wrong.

We finally break a Moo's armor, and break a box, and head down the gap, where a closed flower is.

Thanks to a nearby Moo spawning, we get an extra life!