Klonoa: Door to Phantomile - Vision 3-1: Rebirth of the Forest ~Forlock, The Tree Village~ (Pages 4-5)

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After several near-frustrating attempts to take a Moo back up to higher ground, we make it!

I learn that if I hold the jump button instead of pressing, the trampoline bounces us up instead of using a double jump, or floating jump.

I make a big decision and use the last armored Moo to open a nearby flower, which has our fifth friend inside!

I take out my slight frustrations on the big, blue Moo.

It's a back-and-forth trip, going after the Moo inside the tree hole, and doing all that I need to do in this part of the level.

I end up losing a life when we reach the hut with the key, since Klonoa keeps touching the armored Moo. I can't move since extra reinforcements block our way.

Second time around is no problem, since I now know what to do.

We pick up the third key and get out of here!

minecart ride

Another minecart ride! Or a log ride!

I end up missing the alarm clock!

The spikeys dance about as we manage to pick up a dream sprite and more stones...

The depth here, and the spikeys make it a bit hard to make out if I collected something or not.

And the ride gets faster and faster...

The log leaps from gap to gap now, it's a heart racing moment!

After passing a trio of spikeys, we make it!

end of ride

We're outside the tree, and I notice we were in one of the places the commercial showed.

outside tree

With a bouncing Moo, we break open the box, revealing a trampoline and use another Moo to leap to the curved platform above!

big moomoo

Now how to take care of that big armor watching us...

No worries, a stinger comes swooping!

The big Moo was guarding a switch that activated the nearby gondola.

Knowing Klonoa has a half-heart left, I tread carefully with a stinger in tow.

Seeing a closed flower, we open it to free our sixth friend!

After a little leap up the logs, breaking a box in one of them, we reach the end of the level...

dead end

The guard across the gap greets us "yippee"! Klonoa asks if he could see Granny.

The guard gets suspicious immediately. It seems that the Forlocks know about Ghadius too.

granny gone?


Huepow: "We were too late...No, maybe not yet."

The guard warns us about the dangers ahead, and summons a floating log platform...

log platform

We get "escorted" into the hole in the house, or the tallest palm tree!

vision clear

The gang of friends is getting bigger!

That was a tough session, especially with the armored Moos, and getting the third key in this area...

I was wanting to play another level for this session, but it's late. Too much notetaking...