Klonoa: Door to Phantomile - Vision 2-1: Deep In The Dying Forest ~Forlock, The Tree Village~ (Pages 3-4)

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Inside again, with those roller monsters rolling about...now how to get the egg in the middle that's circling around?

Third time's the charm, and we rescue our fourth friend!

The spikeball spitter's another help, as we get a key from another egg...

Now that's a surprise!

hidden egg

Taking a lot of damage, we open the egg below the platform! Our fifth friend rescued!

And a life lost!

So much gaps, no floor! This is quite the platformer!

We make it to the bed of mushrooms, and get our last friend!

Now it's smooth sailing...

soldier at exit

I spoke too soon.

Klonoa reluctantly answers in the affirmative. "No can do", the soldier says.

The Ferry Tree has withered, meaning no way forward.

Listening to the music, it starts off perky, then the beautiful melody comes in.

The soldier's from Jugpot, the Water Kingdom. So Klonoa's in a world where the typical elements reside, huh? I should've caught that when he mentioned he lived in the Wind Village.

The soldier wants to see Granny too.

Huepow wonders what's happened in Jugpot.



But the soldier lets slip about their king in need of saving.

The soldier tells the "little kiddies", Klonoa and Huepow, to go home...😆

...as if the soldier's a large adult who can save the day...

I like the jumping animation on the soldier. Too cute. Klonoa's not-impressed face, though...

jumping soldier

Huepow thinks it's Ghadius again.

So off to Jugpot we go...

vision clear

I save and stop here for tonight.

One of the best things about level-based games is there are actual places to stop a session.