Klonoa: Door to Phantomile - Vision 1-2: The Diva and the Dark Spirit ~Gunston Mine~

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vision start

Inside a mine now, we see a secret above the entrance, but we can't reach it!

I use the Moo to get a Dream Stone nearby.

After some thinking, I take the Moo again, and end up going down a gap, leading to another path.

And this path takes me to the first secret!

I press on, and use the upward drafts again. Noticing an egg, I open it, and we get secret number two!

I forgot to mention, fcrnxvat sebz rkcrevrapr va cynlvat gur frdhry, that there are six secrets in total per level in a Klonoa game.

I don't take the risk going down there...


So it seems the fun part is coming: a minecart ride!

minecart ride

But the minecraft keeps falling apart as I have Klonoa collect all the dream stones available...

And we make it to the end!

Outside now...

...and it's raining!

The rain comes and goes...and the happy windmill song keeps playing...

I take the top path after the bottom, and get the third secret, but end up falling...

I try again this time, and go into another tunnel... where I see our first big Moo!

Big Moos end up like that, if I remember correctly, from eating too many dream stones. And after taking care of him, I get dream stones!

fourth secret

Now back to the main path.

We end up back into more tunnel crossing, and see this little critter...

little spike critter

...who spits out spike balls!

I crush a big beam guarded by a mini-brigade of Moos, which leads to the next way forward, but I take the bottom path, giving us secret number five, and an extra life!

Up the incline, more speedy critters, and the last secret!

What's at the end of the tunnel?

light at tunnel

reached bell hill

???: "Yes, it is Lephise for sure... Well done, Joka."

The deep voice speaking is literally crackling the audio of the game.

Joka: "I'm honored, Ghadius, your darkness."

Klonoa and Huepow find out who the voice, Ghadius, is talking about...

a diva

...and there he is! In his tall glory!

For extra creepiness, we get a zoom-in on his masked face.

ghadius close up

Lephise is on the ground, unconscious.

He asks Joka, the mini-clown with the creepy face full of sharp, red teeth, for a pendant.

It's not on Lephise.

Uh oh...

He hears Klonoa and Huepow, calling them "mice" and has Joka clean them up.

With a sweep of his cape, revealing an entire galaxy inside, Ghadius warps away, taking Lephise with him!

Now Klonoa and Huepow take action!

After a small exchange, Joka summons his little beast...

show time

Joka points out Rongo Lango's weakness to us: his back! So obvious...

Boss: Rongo Lango

The fight is on!

rongo lango boss

I grab a Moo, but he turns around so quick!

He's quite the jumper!

Out of curiosity, I use one of the Moos to ring the bell. For a game that was made 25 years ago, that's interactive!

Sometimes the bell drops hearts!

As Rongo Lango drops a shockwave with his tail, we go after him...

...and get hit! Nuts! I was going to fight him undamaged!

We finish him off, and the second level is done, just like that!

The bell shakes a bit...

pendant get

The pendant was in the mouth of the bell!

off to grandpa

And just like that, we're at Klonoa's Grandpa's house!

grandpa house

Grandpa explains that we have "a crest of the Moon Kingdom." The music here sounds really nice...

Grandpa calls the moon kingdom "a mystical kingdom [spoken] of in legends."

Huepow asks Klonoa about Ghadius.

Klonoa asks Grandpa, wondering if the Moon Kingdom exists. He isn't too sure, focusing on Lephise and Ghadius.

He gives us our next mission: go to Forlock Forest and tell Granny about Ghadius and Lephise.

hmmm moon kingdom

Tenaqcn'f oebbqvat ng guvf cbvag qrsvavgryl erzvaqf zr bs Onthwv...is he hiding something?

Turn the page and save!

It's a bit disappointing that I can't backtrack, it seems this game's a one-way ride...