Illusion of Gaia - Part 8: Escape From Edward's Prison

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We're now in our first dungeon!

first room

Unfortunately, Will doesn't have a weapon equipped, only a melody to hum...

Just like what Gaia said, when I press start, I see a display of the enemies I need to take care of...

enemies on screen

Three Bats, but no weapon.

In the next room, where the prompt tells us that we're officially inside the "inescapable" Underground Tunnel...

There's 15 monsters here in this tunnel.

By pressing A, or circle, I can attack the Bats! I return to the previous room and take care of the monsters there.

bat hit

They usually take two to three hits from Will's Flute to go down!

After taking care of the Bats here, I win a prize!

heart orb yay!

It's a Health upgrade!

Will tells us the same thing Gaia said: if we take care of the monsters in one area, we win a Jewel!

Now to the next room...

A fireball tried to hit us as we go up the stairs to the other side of the canal, but it missed!

The fireball thrower's a green Dianoga-like monster in the water!

As soon as we take care of him, a shining light ascends and breaks through a cage, where a Skeleton is!

skeleton attack

Now we continue as we have seven more enemies left in the tunnel...

I seem to do a lunge attack everytime I have Will dash.

A lunge attack delivers twice the damage to an enemy!

After I take care of the last monster, another Dianoga-like crawly, Will gets another Jewel, and a Strength boost this time!

In the next room, we come across our first hurdle!

statue head

Not a problem...

There's a fluttering fairy (?) near the statue. Everytime I strike them with Will's flute, they respond...

what r u doing?

We pull the statues away and continue our escape.

The fairy seems to say something else to us as they fly away, but I miss it.

I find out the map only shows the surrounding enemies, not everyone in the area. Plus, I see there's treasure here.

Spiked balls make their return. I hope there isn't any complex puzzles in this game too.

spiked balls

And as I take care of a Dianoga monster, Will takes his first hit!

I clear the rest, and Will grows ever more stronger!

I hit the red button, moving the spiked balls...


Oooo, I wonder what's inside?

treasure chest

As I recall Fidget's advice, I smash the chest open, or I approach it.

This Herb's going to be very useful...

herb item get

Into the next room, where after taking care of Dianoga monsters, another surprise awaits!

spears fall

If Grandpa Bill designed this part of the maze too...

More stairs to climb...

spiked balls

A spear drops before the west exit! Treading carefully...

The red switch can't be pressed because it's "rusty"...

I head up, take care of more monsters there, and drop down to press that rusty button! A doorway opens, but I sweep the whole area of monsters before going in...

Up top, there's a Bat of a different color, with his four minions flying in formation!

red bat

The red Bat takes slightly longer to take care of, but I do it, opening another doorway forward!

I use up the Herb from earlier, knowing Will's health is almost gone...

And now for the rest of the monsters here...

...and Will wins another Jewel!

Let's see what's in this tunnel here...

what's in tunnel

Inside is another chest, and a will-o-wisp (probably a prisoner's soul or Gaia herself?) in the corner. The wisp gives us more advice, mentioning Dark Gems.

dark gems they are

So that's what those small red things were! I thought they were money...

He adds that if we collect 100 of those Dark Gems, we get more health!

His last message is slightly encouraging, but still ominous.

you won't have to go very far

We open the chest, and pick up our first Red Jewel!

We see the fairy, who runs and hides inside a dancing rose!

dancing rose

I'm betting like in Soul Blazer, this rose can talk.

I check the menu first to see our reward, the Red Jewel's warm flame blazing in its core.

The rose gives out another tip.

rose tip

I hit the button, which bumps back up again.

So Grandma's melody is our next try. It works!

will plays flute

The tune's a bit calming, just like Grandma said.

Now something's happened, as someone gives us more advice.

go to other side

Will dashes to the other side.

Voice: "The door won't open unless you push this switch on the count of three. When I shout, push the switch. I'll count 1, 2, 3. Don't make a mistake."

The countdown begins!


I fail the first time, though, as the voice tells I have to push both switches at the same time. Is that a translation error?

As soon as the display says 3, we hit the switch! It's all a matter of reflexes with this puzzle!

Now our ticket forward is open.

door to next area

But, I have a feeling there might be a boss coming up...

No boss yet, thank goodness.

However, there are 22 monsters to take care of in this area.

Four green Dianogas! Aaaah!

After taking care of the west flank, a flash of light destroys the blocks in the middle, and opens a door to Dark Space!

There's also someone new there!


It's a statue of a man with a sword. I have Will approach him.

long time

Long time?

i am freedan

Freedan: "Let me help you on your journey. As time goes by, you'll come to understand my nature..."

Now what's happening to Will? What is Freedan doing?


Oh my god!

freedan now

As I control Freedan now, I talk to Gaia, who gives out more advice.

temporary form

So this is more like a superhero form for Will of sorts, hmm?

I save and head back to the tunnel once more.

I wonder what Freedan's style of fighting is like?

I proceed to take care of the green Dianogas...Now that's quick fighting!

I head back into Dark Space, where the statue of Freedan has been replaced by a running Will.

will statue

Now to transform back into Will...

But I'm stuck, as I can't reach the button, and transform back into the "Dark Knight" Freedan.

Freedan's sword is long enough to reach the bridge button, and we can cross forward.

The next monster we face is no ordinary Skeleton. After we take care of it, a floating skull's left, and he's a quick one!

We continue our escape, still as Freedan, but another floating skull stops our progress short! Dangit!

I'm now back at Will's prison cell...

...and I have to fight the monsters again! Plus, like in Soul Blazer, all of the Dark Gems that I collected are now gone!

Time to reclaim them back!

In the second Dark Space, I learn that Gaia can also heal wounds! Thank you, Gaia!

What a fun session tonight was!