Illusion of Gaia - Part 7: Imprisonment...In 2D!

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Back to another jail cell...

Aside: Counting my Berseria and Mana playthroughs, this is the fourth time a main character's in prison.

edward's prison

Will: "I wonder why I have to suffer so...I wonder what will become of me now."

Now we have to find an escape route...but how?

Will notices a ball-and-chain nearby. But who got free?

I'm still guessing the King and Queen are probably manipulated by some unknown force. I mean, why would they hire a hunter, and then lock Will up in a jail cell for not having a ring for?

I run and walk around the cell. Nothing.

time passes

Will: "These prisoners must have been encouraged by any sign of life..."

After a bit of wandering, we hear some soldiers talking...

...about bread and water.

A loaf drops down from the ceiling.

worst bread ever

Poor Will...

"For some reason, he really misses Grandma's creative cuisine..."

How do we get out of here?


Will: "It pains me to think of the prisoners' feelings, not knowing what they should do..."

flute talks


Whoa, what? The flute can talk?

this is your father

Flute: "This is your father."


The flute, or the father speaking through it, compliments his son. He even asks about Grandma's snail pie!

Will: "Uh, sure Dad! Where are you?!"

Olman doesn't want to give away his location. Oh my god...

i have something to ask

Now what should I decide here?

I go with the first choice.

save me

So Will's father's trapped somewhere...

He tells us to look at the "left-hand wall" in the cell.

Something drops from the wall!

We get five of something!

The flute asks us about any news from Grandpa Bill, and mentions the stone from the wall has a "secret." Hopefully, it can take us out...

But the flute has more warnings to give us...

terrible thing

Oh boy...

Will: "Do I have to...?"

Will's question is the same as mine.

The flute tells us about a "stone [our] enemy left." Enemy?

crystal is contained

Flute: "That power will prove to be your ally..."

He tells us of our next mission.

mystic statues

What are the Mystic Statues?

Flute: "The closer you get to the Crystal, the stronger the evil power will be..."

Our next destination is to go to the Incan Ruins.

I hear an oink from somewhere...

I hope the Princess comes to save us...


Will asks if that's Hamlet. I'm guessing he is! There's a key and a note the pig's carrying! Yes, the Princess saved us!

We read the note.

sorry in prison

"It's terrible what my father has done, but hear what I have to say. I too am a prisoner—in a prison of silk and gold. But tonight I will leave the castle forever. You also will be free."

Thank you, Princess. 🙂

I equip the key and open the door...

I see another portal to Dark Space in an empty cell, where Gaia gives out combat advice. So we are going to fight soon.

gaia says jewel get after enemies gone

The start button, Gaia says, tells us where nearby enemies are.

I have a feeling that this might be a trap of sorts, doing this fetch quest. I'm worried that it might not be Will's father speaking through the flute at all...