Illusion of Gaia - Part 6: Edward's Castle

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The map goes into Mode 7 mode as Will walks all the way to Edward's Castle...

mode 7 yay

Here we are!

inside the castle

The guards slowly walk toward us. My lord, they're tall!

Soldier: "This is King Edward's castle. I must report this intrusion." Intrusion? What?

Will shows the letter, and we're in.

The guard on the right reminds us to "be courteous," and that King Edward is "very strict." I can see why he runs a tight kingdom...

I head downstairs in the east wing, where the prison entrance is. But we can't go in...yet.

In the far west flight of stairs, a maid tells us the King hired a hunter...

Off to the east, a maid warns us to be careful when meeting King Edward. By the way people talk about the king, this is not a man to cross.

Upstairs, a guard confesses his feelings to a maid. Even his confession is written in red-pink letters.


The maid mentions the guard's "shy."

glad someone thinking

Going back downstairs, the guard tells us the King's eating breakfast. I'll have to wait...

I head back up and cross the wall, where a guard is standing before Princess Kara's room.

this is princess room

Kara: "Who is it?"

She comes over...


The soldier tells her it's "just a shabby boy." Classist! Booo!

Will: "It's me, Kara."

Kara recognizes Will.

She tells the soldier to let Will in, or else...

old nickname

The soldier complies! Hee...

Kara: "You...yesterday..."

Will tells her about the letter from her father wanting the Crystal Ring.

Kara jumps! She's not happy...

it's terrible

Kara: "Again, my father is trying to take something important from someone!" So he's done this before, hasn't he?

i'm scared

Kara mentions that "something very strange has happened." Uh oh. Is this another King being manipulated again?

Kara: "My mother has hired a famous hunter. It's ominous..."

The soldier calls to Princess Kara.

i've escaped

She begs Will to help her leave Edward's Castle.

please come back

The soldier tells us in a not nice way to leave!

Back downstairs we go, and upstairs to the west room the guard was formerly guarding...

The guards warn us to be careful when talking to King Edward.

before the throne

King Edward mentions Will's "shabbiness" yet again.

He asks us if we have the Crystal Ring. I take awhile before answering. We answer honestly "no."

how dare you

What the heck, Your Majesty?!

And then he has us locked up!

He also tells the guards to search for the Crystal Ring in Will's house!

Will begs for the Queen to save him...

please save me

Queen: "Did you say 'Ma'am?!'"

Queen Edwina pretends she heard nothing.