Illusion of Gaia - Part 52: Sand Fanger Shuffle

Down to the depths of the wall we go!

down the depths

As we land on the sand, something rises: another sandworm! It moves away quickly!

worm rises

My goodness, that boss is very fast!

Another attack's coming: sand cannonballs! No, they're eggs!

egg fire

A good strategy would be to attack the sandworm when she's laying her eggs!

And now she's leaping to and from the sand in an arc, as her "egg" is dashing away!

I sort of manage to get the hang of this boss.

We eventually take care of her!

It turns out this boss is the Sand Fanger, the worm rumored to cure any disease!

sand fanger

Four Mystic Statues now!

four statues

Now how are we going to get out of here?

I notice a ladder at the right end of the sand pit, and climb back up the wall!

Compared to the vampires, at least this boss was easy!