Illusion of Gaia - Part 45: Double Checking

Back at the travelers' suite, Neil and the gang are relieved to see us safe!

why alone?

Because the game said so, and wanted us to do another dungeon?

Kara apologizes for her actions. Neil accepts her apology.

Neil points out our next stop: the Floating City.

three days to city

Does this mean the city's in the sky?

Kara tells us there are houses built on rafts in the floating city. She likes the idea because of the romantic mood it brings.

Guessing from what Kara said, this "floating city" must be in the ocean.

Lance tells us Lilly's birthday is getting close.

Lilly points out Kara's different somehow, knowing how "[her own] intuition is usually good." Character development for Kara, yay!

Erik mentions seeing a Red Jewel in the Angel Village.

I double-check the village before stopping here.