Illusion of Gaia - Part 42: To Ishtar

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We return to the bolted wooden door.

The Angel asks us if we know Ishtar. We say yes.

to ishtar


Oh boy...

I have Will open the door.

Here we are, on the way to Ishtar's studio!


The bats swoop down from above to surprise us!

The monsters here are stronger too!

There's only one way forward at this point: down the stairs we go!

The skeletons are not only fast, but they can throw sharp bones at us!

Will's sliding attack is a bit more effective here...

Down more steps!

And after clearing this area, we get another strength boost!

Somehow, there's breezy drafts in this tunnel.

The torch fires are blowing west..

Further down, there's plenty of passageways here.

Eastwards, I encounter a short green eyeless dragon creature with a serpent's neck and a big mouth! It seems they're guarding a tunnel forward.

The only weakness is their mouth.

The passages are getting more complex.

I'm almost low on health at this point...

I decide to clear the area of monsters before heading back to the Dark Space portal.

With only 2 HP left, I win a health boost as a reward!

I wonder how Kara made it past this den of dangerous creatures...or maybe Ishtar was with her at that time? Who actually is this Ishtar person?