Illusion of Gaia - Part 41: Visiting Angel Village

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Let's see what's around here...

There's an angel guarding a bolted wooden door...where does it lead?

wooden door

The angel asks us about a painter Ishtar. We say no. He tells us to talk to the rest of the village.

Inside one room, we see an angel standing in front of a peering beam of light.

angel on light

Outside, there's a sculptor who vows to make 1,000 statues in the village.

Upstairs, I talk to the harp player.

She says the best message here.

woman playing harp

Woman Playing Harp: "Music is the best medicine for the soul. The right song will cure any disease." I'm guessing her words are going to be important.

I revisit the dancing room.

dance room

The paintings look very detailed here.

Talking to one couple, one line of dialogue catches my eye.

feels like to be human

So these Angels were once human?

One of the dancers mentions that one of the paintings was by Ishtar. The model, though, has probably passed on.

The Angels praise Ishtar for giving them emotion when they have none.

Ishtar is pretty famous around these parts.

trio of harps

A lone dancer near the trio of harp players used to have a partner.

Before I leave, I pick up a Red Jewel in the fountain!

Back to the Jeweler Gem, who gives us a Strength boost for collecting 12 so far.

A couple standing before a statue, looking at each other's eyes, gives us more info about Angels as "evolved" humans.

Upstairs, one of the Angels tells us about Kara. Where is she?

where is kara

Talking to another Angel, she gives us instructions to Ishtar's studio.

Angel: "Go with the wind. If you look at the way the torch flame bends, you'll understand. Down the dark street, through where the wind blows, to where you can hear the waterfall. Then look for the place where the sound of the waterfall is loud."

So the wooden door we saw earlier must be the way to the studio...

She warns us to be careful. Knowing how artists are very devoted to their work, that's an understatement.

I save before entering the studio.