Illusion of Gaia - Part 4: Kara

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As soon as we head for home, an unusual sight greets us!

pig wrecks

Will: "But why is there a pig in my house?" Yeah, why is there a pig? Unless...oh no...I hope that's not Will's grandma...

As soon as I have Will head upstairs, the pig goes near Will and pushes him to the dining room.

pig pushes will

Someone comes down. It's the runaway princess Kara, I'm guessing! And that's her pig Hamlet!


Kara asks if this is Will's house, and criticizes him for being "a lil' shabby." Will says the same thing I'm thinking.

well excuse me


Kara asks where Will's parents are. They're not here.

She goes to the photo hanging on the kitchen. She's asking the same question I asked last session: If that photo taken was of Will's parents.


How did she know about him?

he will come back

Kara: "Are you sad? ...No? I'd be sad if it were me. I'm sorry..."

Kara looks around and asks if there's a piano around the house. None. Will mentions Grandma Grandma having a "great" singing voice, though.

Kara's aware of that.

theyre upstairs

I head upstairs.

lola lola sings opera

Will's grandma sings opera!?

But dinner's not ready.

Bill: "Oh my, I haven't sung like this in a long time."

Grandpa Bill sings opera too?!

Bill: "Your grandmother [...] used to be a singer. I fell in love with her voice. That's why I married her." Awww...

Grandma Grandma chuckles a bit.

girl who was singing?


But then...


"A scream from downstairs!"

Oh no...

Two soldiers now surround Kara...


Kara denies knowing them. But the soldiers tell her that they'll be charged with death if they don't bring her back to the castle. Kara don't care.

Soldier: "Do you think I have nothing better to do than chase you down? I must take you home. It's the King's orders!"

They drag her

Kara now reveals herself to Will...

i'm the princess

Kara: "I'm sorry I lied to you. I'm King Edward's daughter, Kara. Will. I feel as though we've met before, as if we were good friends."

Grandma Grandma and Grandpa Bill go to the table.

Grandpa Bill thinks she was "playing a practical joke" on Will.

But Grandma Grandma tells us something about Edward Castle.

big viaduct

She also tells us Grandpa Bill designed the viaduct in the castle! Oh my god! Even Will's surprised by that! Is she subtly asking us to go after her soon?

Bill: "I used to be an architect."

prison under castle

Oh my god...

Bill: "It's built like a maze to keep the prisoners from escaping. I feel bad that I built a prison where people disappear and are never heard from again."

Grandma Grandma brushes that aside and gets dinner ready, saying she has pie prepped upstairs.

Grandpa Bill mentions to Will about Grandma's dinner meals getting "strange." He knows there's something on Grandma's mind...

something bothering

At least I can still go outside and save my session!