Illusion of Gaia - Part 25: Remembrance

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I find the nearest Dark Space portal and transform back into Will.

After long backtracking, we head back into Freejia.

Imas, Remus, and Sam are gone now...

Back at the inn, I have Will use the Memory Melody from Sam to help Lance...

memory melody use

This game does have an Ocarina of Time feel to it...and this was released five years before that game.

Now we're inside a Dark Space of sorts, as the stars begin to rise up...the calm music begins playing again.

what is this?

Kara: "Somehow I feel a little homesick..."
Erik: "I feel like I'm back in the womb..."
Lilly: "Everything that's happened and the people I've met are pouring into my head..."

Lance recites his origins...

Lance: "When my father didn't come back from an expedition...the most important thing in my life was gone. I didn't know what to do." So his story is the same as Will's...

Kara mentions her reason for going on this quest with us: her hatred of her father because of his obsession of conquering other lands.

Kara: "It's awful when someone loses their life. What had taken years to put together was destroyed in one moment."

is seth alright

I'm wondering that too, Erik. Where is Seth?

people live on

The Dark Space is gone, and Lance looks around the room. He wonders what he's doing, and where everyone is now.

Lilly points out Lance has regained his memory!

Talking to Erik again, he mentions someone again.


Aside: (ciphered for Soul Blazer spoilers) V jbaqre, vf guvf vairagbe gur qrfpraqnag bs Qe. Yrb?

Erik: "I think his name is Neil..."

Will internally pulls the elevator stop button after he hears that name.

did you say neil

Will: "That's the same name as my lost cousin!!" How many family members does Will have?


There's airplanes in the Age of Exploration!? Unless that airplane is similar to da Vinci's helicopter concept...

I reset the game since I forgot to talk to Kara and Lilly.

As I replay through the mine, I notice that the first mine key could be found as a sparkle on the ground in the morgue...

I notice as I returned to Freejia on the map, Freedan changes back to Will!

I listen through the memories and motivations of Will's friends once again...

will you're crying

Will's not crying, you're crying...

"So Will and his group went to the inventor's house."

freejia leave

It looks like a fellowship's making their journey here.