Illusion of Gaia - Part 24: Continuing the Diamond Mine

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The way from the save point to the elevator is a bit long...

I equip the key and unlock the door to the elevator shaft.

The actual lift is at the end of a short tunnel.


And past this bridge...


My goodness, that's a long way down...and the elevator's small for Freedan...

Now after crossing another tunnel, I am in another room with two open shafts and a locked one.

two keyholes

I head down to the west shaft first...

...leading down to the morgue, or a den of corpses!

The only enemies here are burrowing worms!

Nothing to see at this point...

But I survey around, knowing there might be something here.

mine key

And as I check the corpse in the bottom right corner, I am right!

Down the second shaft, where there's a bevy of enemies here!

bevy of enemies

But as I start crossing the maze of fences, I take care of them one by one with little effort, with a scratch.

Now our max health is up to 16!

The fourth laborer gives us his greatest thanks and hands us another key!

second mine key

Now that we have two keys, we go back up and open the locked shaft!

As I enter the middle shaft, the music now changes to the mysterious music again!

Three more laborers to rescue! And they're the ones we saw back at the city!

three more

We cut the bonds off of Remus, who thanks us.

home village

He tells us that when we get there, we need to "regain the [villagers'] strength."

Imas tells us that their village's wildlife "have grown strange." I wonder what he means by that?

people turned to stone

Oh no...

Now for Sam.

lost memory

How do we recover Lance's memory? And where is Seth?

Sam: "Legend says that there is a song that brings back the past. Please let him hear it."

Sam hums the melody to us.

memory melody get

Sam asks us to give a prison key and the Melody of the Wind from the Incan Ruins to him as a "souvenir of our meeting".

We lose the Melody of the Wind and the Edwards Prison key.

Sam: "I'll never forget you!"