Illusion of Gaia - Part 22: Freejia

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Aside: I looked at a playthrough of Gaia on YouTube, and it seems that I should've talked to Seth and Erik outside on the Incan Ship before going to the stateroom. Seth had a Red Jewel to offer us...

Alright, it's almost been over a month since I last played through this. Let's explore this town!

Outside, I talk to the not-so-suspicious figures. They're asking if we saw a laborer escape...I say no.

The guy sitting down on the wall says "a life lived honestly" and full of "fun and laughter". I wonder what he means?

A guy "puts on a show" by breathing fire in front of us, and ends up getting his hair on fire!

He runs away.

One guy blocking the alley east tells us to go home. I enter the next house, which is a labor camp...eeee...


There are green-haired bearded people here.

One's an atheist, mentioning that if "spirits" did exist, class wouldn't matter.

The others feel like there's no hope for them... ☹️

Back at the brighter side of town, a woman tells us the city was named after its flower, the Freejia.

In a house, a woman mentions worrisome mothers, mentioning her own mother's worries.

In another house, a woman warns us about the alleys, comparing the city to a rose, which has their thorns. Every rose has its thorn...

Climbing the stairs, we meet the Jeweler Gem on the blue rooftop next to the second house.

you have 3 gems

3 gems, huh?

I hand him our Red Jewel, and notice another typo!


I then check his list of goodies. The next prize needs 5 Red Jewels!

I jump off the rooftop!

Noticing a man looking outside, I go back in the second house, go out, jump back down to the flowerbeds, and talk to him. He jumped at the sight of seeing us jump down!

reward for you



No prizes, huh?

I go into the house, where he mentions that the upstairs is messy.

The moment I get upstairs, a lovey-dovey couple, the one I saw at the window kissing break apart.

They're denying that they kissed...

something in eye

We go to the end of the street, and head into a house.

not quite so neat

The third house down is locked.

I go and meet up with Kara, who's talking to another local.

She tells us we're now at the hotel.

I go back to the alleyway and jump down past the adultist man.

Before I head out, I notice an entrance. South of there, a ladder going up to the hotel, where a woman in red is looking at the window.

A man sitting on the corner predicts what's to come.

prophecy guy

He's right, but he thinks whoever predicted that is lying.

Inside the tunnel...

labor market

Oh my god.

Man in front of us: "When I think of myself in your position, I shudder. I've no time to worry about what other people think, it's hard enough just taking care of myself." Yeah, sure.

The man on the right tells us something even worse...the laborers are as young as Will.

The hooded man, the trader shoos us, saying no children allowed. What ageism, what hypocrisy...

Outside, the woman in red at the window tells us more grim news.

woman in red at window

Unfortunately, downstairs, a man tells us that he's calling in one of the labor traders to take away the green bearded man in the corner. He's afraid he might get in even worse trouble.

The green-bearded man tells us not to tell the traders. He's more worried about the man at the table than himself...

green hair man hiding

No wonder why the front door was locked from the inside...

Back before the inn, a man mentions other news.

tourism down

I wonder why that is?

Inside the inn, we see...


lilly back

Kara asks if the girl's Lilly.

Lilly: "I was worried! It's been almost a month since we separated! I've been working and living in this hotel."

She says Lance is in the room on the right.

I explore the upstairs first.

In the bedroom on the right, we find a Red Jewel in a vase!

I have Will send the Jewel over to the Jeweler Gem! Now that we have five, that means I get a defense boost!

I talk to the Jeweler Gem, who makes it official! We get our prize!

Back at the hotel, the gang's all here...

the gang's here

Kara's still worried about Erik and Seth. She doesn't mention them by name, saying she's glad everyone's okay.

Lilly notices Erik's missing too, saying she hasn't seen him "since last night."

I talk to Lance.

lance don't remember

Oh no...

Lance: "If I don't know who I am, how did I get here?"

If Erik's gone, that means...

I head back to the labor market, then we ask the laborer if we could see some of the people at the front...he praises Will for his "courage" and lets him through.

I talk to all of them. The person on the left is Imas, who's from a country in Asia.


They mention they came from a hunting tribe, mentioning the animals there have died of an "unknown disease."

The middle person is Remus, who mentions they had to be laborers in order to survive now that their livestock is gone...

The one on the right is the one who sent the message in a bottle while we were adrift.

i am sam

Sam he am. Does he like green eggs and ham?

The next thing he says, though, is revelatory.

erik rescued us

Where did Erik go?

Sam mentions that he and his brothers were caught by the traders...

Sam tells us our next destination to rescue Erik.

sam gives location to find erik

I head back to the alley, and go to the leftmost house in the corner, where the definitely-not-suspicious labor trader tells us to leave. Will asks him if Erik's there.

We hear Erik's voice.

save erik

He gets silenced...

will breaks down door

I use Will's flute to break the door down. I can't go back, though.

Yay, Erik!

yay erik

Erik's excited to see us!

Aside: I notice now it's literally been a month since my last session, and in-game, during our seafaring adventure with Kara, a month passed by!

man ran away

Erik: "I tried to sneak into the camp to rescue three laborer brothers. I was discovered and now I'm like this..."

diamond mine

A diamond mine?

He tells us to save the laborers there, and gives us our next destination to find the mine.

I save at this point.