Illusion of Gaia - Part 20: Adrift

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It's now only Will and Kara on driftwood...

She asks Will if he's alright.

I choose the second option.

unconscious half a day

More than half a day? What happened?

Kara: "I've read about being adrift, but I never thought it would happen to me...disasters sometimes happen suddenly."

Kara's pretty calm so far. I wonder where Hamlet is? ...Maybe he's back in the village.

She tells Will to not be upset. She's just enjoying being adrift, but she's hungry, and wants the yak leg we took.

"We bit off some of the meat. It was better than any food we had."

day two

Kara's still in awe at the fish flopping...

I have Will whack his flute at the flopping fish. Kara's not happy at Will doing that!

poor fish

I keep doing it anyway. We need food soon.

Will: "Time passed slowly, with nothing to break the monotony. Kara just stared at the fish all day. Will couldn't stand it."

"He walked on the raft and talked to Kara many times. A minute seemed like forever. But he could hear the march of time."

four days!?

Four days already...

Kara predicts someone's going to come and help them. Then she notices something behind them...

It's a message in a jar!

msg in bottle

Oh my god...this literally is set in the Age of Exploration...slavery and all.

"If anyone reads this, please save us... Sam."

me who needs to be saved

What is Kara talking about here?

Now she's hungry.

Will told her she should have caught the flopping fish from two days ago, but Kara doesn't like being cruel to fish.

Now they're having their first argument... ☹️

Kara's not too fond of eating raw fish.

have you thought abt the fish?

Unfortunately, in this context, we're trying to survive...

Will: "Kara didn't say anything all day."

Now it's the seventh day. No one's coming to save us...aaaahhhhh!!!

seventh day

Will: "Drifting. First week. a school of fish...he reached the end of his rope. If he didn't eat more, he thought he would starve..."

I catch more fish, and Will's health, at one, recovers slowly from eating the fish.

After Will's regained his full strength, we talk to Kara. Kara apologizes.


She decides to eat fish this time.

Kara: "Only in peace time can you refuse food you don't like..." Or probably not...I don't like wasting food.

I have Will swing his flute to catch more fish.

will developing feelings


Now it's the twelfth day adrift. No sign of Lilly, Lance, Erik, or Seth. Nighttime.

stars are beautiful

Kara: "If I were taller, I could reach them. Surely Lilly and Lance are looking at the same star-studded sky...If I could talk to the stars, I could find out where everyone is..."

She's also knowledgeable on astronomy as well, mentioning an extra star near the constellation Cygnus.

The extra star's a red one...oh no...

She asks if they can wish upon the red star.

She has Will close his eyes.

Will makes his wish.

will wishes

Kara leans closer to Will...

Now it's been two and a half weeks adrift at sea. Technically, 18 days.

Kara notices Will's hair's gotten longer. She giggles.

Will notices that Kara's also gone through some character development. Character development yay!

But Kara notices something " the water!"

Oh no...

shark fins

Kara thinks it's sharks.

The battle music plays again.

We wait for the sharks to surface...

She notices something about the sharks, though...


Will suggests thinking and waiting it out.

After attacking the circling sharkfins for awhile, which does nothing, Kara realizes something.

Kara: "I've got it! They're not hungry!! My grandpa told me that only humans attack living things when they're not hungry."
Will: "Then what we're doing is not usual human behavior. We didn't eat fish until we were starving."

goodbye sharks

The sharks begin to leave.

And now it's sunset on the third week.

Will and Kara are still out at sea.

Kara mentions the beauty of the sunsets. Pidge would just shrug that off since they happen everyday. More VLD references again!

Kara: "When I was in the castle, I loved watching the sun set...The sunset was so beautiful from the corridor of the castle..."

Kara: "But now I've come to hate it. After the sun has set, the darkness comes...I thought I'd never see the sunrise again...But since you're with me, I see a beautiful sunrise every morning." Awww...

Now it gets a bit romantic...

But...Will keels over! Oh no!

don't leave