Illusion of Gaia - Part 19: Sepia Slumber/Reunion

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Will sleeps...

back in house

...and he's back in his grandparents' house in South Cape!

We head downstairs, where we see a blond woman!

Could this person be Will's mother?


Shira: "Look in the sky. The comet is so beautiful. After years and years the comet approaches Earth, then recedes. Some say it's an unlucky star. Some say it's a lucky star..."

She gives us a decision on what we think the comet is.

unlucky or lucky star

I choose "unlucky star," even though, like she says, it's beautiful.

Shira: "All right...then hope that the bad luck doesn't come..."

will i am watching over you

Shira: "Will...I am always watching over you."

End of the dream.

Now Lilly wakes Will up...


The boat's now ruined. Does this mean everything that happened before was just a dream too?

I have Will climb down the bunk and check the corpses of the Inca.

this was where

So the Inca have been gone for a long time...

And what is Lance doing here?

He notices that Will was "acting strange," so he came along too. Then he met Lilly, and went into a "strange town." Lilly is not amused.

don't call it strange

Lance: "It's invisible. I'd call that pretty strange." Oh, Lance. I'm guessing VLD!Lance would more or less say the same thing about Lilly's village, or he'd find it "awesome."

He tells Will not to go off without his friends.

Lance: "Since we're friends, we have to share good times and bad."

I talk to Lilly, who mentions that "the Elder must have read his fortune" because of Will's lateness.

Lilly: "He said that you were floating alone on the sea. I was so surprised."

So the Incas Will met were real, in a way.

The ship is still sailing...

queen skeleton

Oh my god!

I go down to the basement. All the barrels are open and empty...

Back to the stateroom...

Kara: "They perished waiting for the King's return...I can't stand anything that disrupts people's peaceful lives..."

I examine the Queen. The ring is still on her finger.

Lilly walks over to us.

that ring

Lilly: "That ring must be one of the artifacts put on this ship. [The ring] is the most valuable of all the artifacts."
Kara: "Many people lost their lives trying to get rich by finding this ring." All of these explorers just came in the ruins, all for a ring...

Kara, however, wants the ring. Oh Kara...

Lilly dissuades her from taking the ring, thinking it's cursed.

Now there's a whole lot of shaking going seems the ship's being fired on!

Lilly: "Maybe it belongs to Riverson!"



Lilly mentions the dangers of the sea, mentioning "fish that are as dangerous as, well, sharks!"

Lance asks Will if he's alright.

More damage to the ship!

And a scream!

It's Seth!

So this must mean Erik's here too...

I head out after checking the basement again.

it's seth

By the way Erik responded, things are not good...he's trying to get himself together...

Erik: "A huge enormous giant fish ran into the ship! [...] Seth fell in the water! He was swallowed!"

Another shake!

Erik now sees the fish again!

Lance tells him to grab something from the ship!

ship shaking

The shaking gets harder as the trio is thrown off from the ship into different locations!