Illusion of Gaia - Part 1: Will

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Okay, time for another new playthrough!

The title screen appears really quickly! Compared to SoM's slow immersion, I'm surprised I'm already at the title!

iog title

Now at the file menu, where I have "trip diaries" as save files...the music here sounds like I'm in the frontier.

iog file screen

Now at a school, and the teacher looks like a priest.

Will: "My name is Will. A year has passed since I went to the Tower of Babel with my father. My father and his party met with disaster. Somehow, I made it back to South Cape... I still can't believe my father is gone. I'll never believe it..."

will when i grow up

Will: "Somewhere, I will meet my father..."

It starts off pretty heavy here...

The chimes ring seven times, and the priest teacher dismisses the small class of four. He also warns us of "demons."


Two of the students (Erik and another whose name I missed) leave. Only Lance is there, and tells us (me and Will) to meet up at the seashore cave.

recite prayer w me

Oh boy...

Aside: I might have read somewhere that in the original version of the game, Will was supposed to recite a prayer of sorts, or, that Will reciting a prayer was more explicit...


But the teacher drones on, and we leave.

Pressing select, I go to the menu.


I check out the condition menu.


Dark power? Hmmm...

Will has no Dark Powers yet. But I check around the menu just to get used to the controls here.

I head up to the stairs to the roof of the school, where a ball of light transforms into a doorway to the cosmos...

cosmos doorway

The watchman on the roof tries to stop Will from jumping off the ledges, but gives up, knowing he'll do it anyway.

Inside the doorway, we're at a "Dark Space"...

dark space

That doesn't look too ominous at all...

I accidentally skip through the statue's explanations and reset the game.

The first student who left the class is Seth.

Back to the Dark Space...

i am gaia

So Gaia's her name...

Gaia: "Only one with the Dark Power can see this space. You are the chosen one." Chosen one?

She tells Will he can save his progress here. I do so.

The button controls here are a bit tricky. I get the cross button (or the B button in-game) mixed up with the circle (or A) button. Plus, every time I try to take a screenshot, I accidentally go to the game's menu.

Note: In order to take a screenshot, I have to go to the RetroArch menu by pressing select and triangle. Then, I go down to "Take Screenshot" and press circle.