Alundra - Part 70: Torla, Mountain of Fire (Part 3)

There's seven torches in this area, no, nine of them! After lighting all of them, the block on the west ledge lowers down! There's a rock on top of it too!

Aaaaahhhh!!! Most of these puzzles are so hard!!! I'm losing my health so quick because of this lava!!!

With the guide's help, all I have to do is pick up the rock out of the block, and douse all the torches to raise the block again, and use the rock as a step to get to the block to jump up to the ledge leading into the next passage!

Five firebirds come out of lava holes in the next chamber!

After I'm done with them, the block in the northern hole vanishes. I jump in!

I fall down to some shallow water, at least I'm not in lava for now!

I walk down and drop down a waterfall, where there are high rocky steps, a big platform, a vertical lever on a ledge next to it, and more blue slimes on the water.

I bomb the lever to move the platform south, and head off into the passage.

I'm back near the save teleporter, and I open the two chests, which one of them has a key. I take care of a rock turtle before getting the next one, which are...a pair of Charm Boots!!!

The Charm Boots prevent me from getting damage, according to the description! In this case, these boots can protect us from getting burned by the lava!!!

Afterwards, I recover and save my progress here!