Alundra - Part 47: Meia's Past (Part 1-2)

Part 1 | Part 2

The music is pretty nice here.

I'm greeted by a younger version of Meia, who wants to play tag with me.

We start playing tag, or hide-n-seek.

I survey around the area, these ruins in her dream have an Edenic temple in the sky feel with lots of greenery...

I see a chest and plenty of moving platforms in the west area. In the north are three doors with an image of a sylph on them...

I see Meia, but how do I get up there?

I reach the chest, which contains a Life Vessel!!! Yes!

I reach Meia and she runs off again.

One of the doors up north are open!

I'm now in a place with two levers, two mini platforms, and a statue of a chained Meia on the high ledge.

With a couple of tries, I hit the lever with the flail and head to the low platform quickly. I hit the second lever and move quick.

I jump to the statue and try to bomb it, no go.

I keep hitting the chains on the statue until they're gone and she comes to life, vanishing from the pedestal.

I head back to the main area. On the southeast, I see a save teleporter and a chest, which has another Gilded Falcon inside.

I save and warp back.

I like this place, it's so green and beautiful...

After tons of exploring around the main area, I warp into the pedestal where Meia's chained statue lay...

I see a huge crowd, with Meia and her mother.

Oh my god, poor Meia! Her father was executed, but she says it was because of his disbelief in the gods.

I head back and see her again. Another passage opens.

I'm now in a place full of water and cracked mini platforms that break once I step on them.

A press switch is on a ledge at the end of the mini platform bridge.

I break the second statue apart, and see another flashback...

I see a library, where Meia's mother is organizing books...

Meia reassures her mother's worshipping the gods is alright, but her mother wants to know more about them, her faith becoming an obsession for knowledge...

Time for tag round 3!

I went around the area again, and I counted 7 doors in this dream. Since I saw two flashbacks, thus, we have to visit 5 more flashbacks.

It's hard to explain this next chamber, but there are torches and thorns and huge, high walls and trees around the place, with a moat surrounding it.

Now another flashback...

No, Meia's mom! She dug a little too deep and now she's being burnt at the stake!

Meia warned her that even the gods have secrets, but her mom had to be careful in exposing them...poor Meia. No wonder why she's a closed book... ☹️

Everytime I see her hiding, Meia always covers her face. Is she crying on the inside?