Alundra - Part 38: Giles's Nightmare

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That unsettling dream music plays again. I miss the Kline dream music...

I'm now in a cavern filled with bushes and a big block northeast of them, covering a hole.

I go on ahead to a passage, leading to a tunnel to another passage and a set of stairs east. I take the stairs down first.

There's a huge bed of spikes here!

I go back up and head north, where I hear a clanging sound. Oh great, it's another spiked ball moving around!

Four blue slimes come down from the ceiling!

I take care of them, and four mudmen come down! But they look gravelly and grayish, and they don't spit out mud!

Each time I hit them, roaches come out of them, but they die shortly! They also form into bulging puddles too! Uggghhhh...

The spectres from Kline's dream are also here as well!

A chest drops down, but it's a Mimic!

After taking care of him, a switch drops down! I press it, opening the door back, and the big block at the beginning is gone too!

The way down takes me to a chamber with a path full of left arrows on the floor!

A blue slime drops down, after that, a jar!

After a couple of attempts, I jump on the jar and make it to the ledge and press on the switch there.

The east wall near the entrance is now gone!

I move forward, pushing a block north, using it as a bridge over the chasm.

I take care of a stray spectre and push another block east and jump over that one.

I see a tunnel leading to bushes and a set of stairs downwards.

I go back and I accidentally fall down to the chamber full of spikes and ledges!

There's a chest on a bed of spikes, which contains herbs. Another chest is also there, but on a high ledge.

After some painful crossings, and ill-timed jumps, I grab the herbs from the second chest.

Still scouting the chamber in any case there were extra chests!

I leap over the pillars, and short ledges, while avoiding spectres, and make it back!

I push the first block east, and push another block until I hit a dead end!

I find a northeast tunnel taking me to a cracked circle panel, and a chest on a high ledge west of me.

I leave and jump over the chasm west, and head into that tunnel again, where I head down in a staircase there.

The stairs take me to the ledge and spikes chamber again.

I go back to the cracked stone panel room, where there are pushable blocks, stalagmites, and a save teleporter!

After saving, I figure out how to push the blocks by using the flail.

I head west, pushing the block into the hole, using it as a bridge, and find a lever switch on a wall.

Oh my god, the block pushed itself back up to its ledge!

I use the bow to hit the lever, where the floor below me drops, and I land on a barrel in a room full of spikes!

I carry the barrel to the spike bed, jump, and grab the chest of herbs east of me.

With careful aim, I jump to a southwestern ledge, where a teleporter takes me back to the block chamber above!

After a few fruitless tries trying to get the chest on the west ledge, and one failed one trying to the east ledge's chest, I give up and move forward.

Oh god, I'm locked in! With four spectres!

I head forward, where I'm now locked in a chamber with eight orb pillars! One is flashing, so I try to hit the ones that aren't flashing. No good, so I hit the flashing pillar, making another pillar flash, and so on!

I run out of time, so I start over again!

After hitting all eight of them, a teleporter forward is visible and the way back is open!

I warp forward where I see carved stone faces flanking a tunnel forward. As I move left, the left head's eyes start glowing red, and a thud is heard. I head right, where the same thing happens.

In the eastern part of the cave, there are spiked balls moving up and down!

However, the way further in is blocked, so I go to the tunnel forward.

I hear some wooden mechanism's boulders tumbling down the steps!

I move forward and make it to a room with an ice block on a ledge in the middle with more orb pillars around the room.

The order to hit them is NW, SE, SW, and NE.

A jar drops down, where I use it to jump to the ledge where the ice block is, and carrying that, move past floating big blocks, and a spiked ball west onto a pedestal, and a square relief on the floor.

I throw the block onto the pedestal, where the square part vanishes, and I drop down another chasm to find myself in a bed of bushes, two chests on high ledges, and more warping gargoyles!

I grab both herbs from the chests, and hit the lever hidden in the bushes, opening the gate in the east.

I teleport back to the room with the rocky faces, and head east this time.

This time, I jump over one of the rock faces, and make it east past the spiked balls where a pedestal to fit an ice rock, and a square-shaped crack on the floor are.

I go back to the room with the ice block.

The pit is still open, and I watch my footing carefully as I land east of a second chasm, where a chest is, containing a Gilded Falcon.

I jump down the chasm, and warp back. I realize that I'm back at the room with the rocky faces, where I head left (avoiding the gaze of the heads this time) and notice an open chest, the chest where the Gilded Falcon was.

I make my way around and land west of the chasm to reach an ice rock at the stone face room. I carry that, avoiding the second chasm, past the faces and spiked balls, and throw it on the pedestal.

Carefully, I throw the rock, and the square hole reveals itself. I fall on the east side of the hole to a room where four slimes, and later, four spectres, greet me.

I throw the ice block onto the pedestal in the room, where another hole opens the way down.

I fall in front of a rubbled tunnel, where a bed of spikes lay south and below, and a fireball flanked by two static gargoyles west guarding a cracked tunnel are.

I bomb the rubble and head into a tunnel where a chest with Wonder Essence is at the end of it.

I jump over the gargoyles and make it into another tunnel, where a maze made up of stalagmites cometh.

A chest awaits, but as I get closer, the platform below it moves up, as if it's baiting me!

I try again, realizing that it's a timed race, and I make it! I open the chest, which has a Life Vessel!!!

Going back, I jump on the moving platforms above the spike bed, and cross over!

I make to a tunnel in the east, where a teleporter takes me back to the save teleporter room.

After circling around the chambers in the dream, and falling carefully down into the second hole, and pressing up on the control pad, I'm now in an empty room with two gargoyles flanking a fireball.

I take care of them, go back, and jump down.

The place where they were guarding is already gone, and the crack there is now a tunnel!

I use up my Wonder Essence so I could get the one I found from the chest earlier!

I head into the formerly guarded tunnel, where there are 16 switches, laid out like this:


After pressing one of them, the switches around it also turn on, like so:


The solution:


The O's are the pressed switches.

I move forward, where I'm greeted by two bug mudmen! It takes eight hits from the flail to take care of one, but two charge strikes from the sword for the same result!

There's a tunnel west, and a huge set of dropping spiked balls north on a higher ledge! Northeast of that is a pedestal and square relief, and two teleporter panels. The west one works, while the other is cracked.

I go back and head to the west tunnel, where a press switch is on a ledge.

I go back again, where I cross the lunging spiked balls, and warp through the west teleporter. The place I'm now in is in a room with four gray bug mudmen. After taking care of them, I find 30 gilders in a chest!

I warp back and make my way east, where a set of spiked balls drop and move!

After turning a corner at the end of the hall, a ledge with an ice rock on top is there.

With no way to reach it, I head to the western tunnel again after reading the guide.

I press the switch on the ledge, which becomes a chain of switches I have to press.

Ai yaaaa, I keep falling to the bottom!

The perception of height and depth here is very hard to see because of the sameness of these cliffs!

I move east where a spiked platform floats upwards. Sadly, I hit my head on them and fall down a hole, down to the ice block room.

I go back to the western tunnel again, making the jumps. With careful crossing, I touch the teleporter...where I'm back at the east panel near the pedestal and floor!

I read the guide again and jump down the second hole, where I land on the ledge with the ice block. I pick up the block...and four gray roach mudmen appear!

I carry the block to the pedestal, opening the hole. However, I backtrack and save.

After reading the guide carefully, I realize that the blocks near the save teleporter can be pushed south so they can make the chests at the ledges reachable. I jump on one of the rocks, then the block, and make it to one of the chests, where herbs are inside. The east chest had herbs too.

Why didn't I notice this part sooner!?

Anyway, I make it back to the pedestal and hole flanked by the stone teleporter panels and drop down...

The fireball shooting bird statues from the Ancient Shrine make their return again, along with the bug mudmen!

The statues now rotate and shoot so quickly that I get hit by two of them!

The crack at the base of the ledge where I landed breaks open after I finish off the bug mudmen.

Inside are a few of those odd carrayable plants I saw back at the Coastal Cave.

It turns out that after throwing the plant a few times, according to the guide, I get an herb! I have to remember now that those plants may have an herb if thrown!

I go back and forth into that room to throw the plants to get more herbs. After getting it and exiting out, I'm greeted by three spectres!

The fancy door ahead opens after their defeat!

There's a lot of lifelike gargoyle statues here, or Soul Eaters, as the guide calls them!

There's now a whole lotta shaking going on...

The gargoyles save for two warp away, and the fight begins!

I proceed onwards!

Oh my god, Giles is in pain!

The boss here is the same as the one in Kline's dream!

Septimus gives us warnings, where he says Giles is now teetering between life and death, and he tells us to take care of the monster without harming Giles! After a word of good luck, the fight is on! Thank you, Septimus, for that not very helpful advice.

After Giles gets sucked in by the boss, the Wonder Essence gives us another chance!

I hit him with the new fire magic, causing the sucking monster to reel back!

After many bombs and three fire spells doing the job, I watch the fireworks!

The Soul Leech has been destroyed!