Alundra - Part 33: The Swamp Thing

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Most of the villagers in town seem to have mixed feelings so far about us.

Nestus and Bergus are told to not sleep. The mayor was even inclined to take Chancellor Ronan's advice and banish Alundra from the village. Thank goodness he didn't.

Kisha feels as if she's lost her brother to his fundamentalism. She also mentions a certain grassy knoll incident. Oh Working Designs!

Giles wants to see Alundra as "the foul demon that he is," and will do anything to make that happen.

Rumi considered her husband Meade's advice to leave Inoa, but where can she go?

Grandpa Wendell thinks there's a connection between the Murgg and Melzas's actions. He's right on the money, but he has no solid proof.

Meade thinks of leaving Inoa...

Yuri warns us to stay away from the swamp, even though we've been there before.

Gustav's still drunk, labeling Inoa as "the village of the damned." Elene knows who's going to die next... ☹️

There are crows on top of Kline's house...

Meia: "You don't have the strength to defeat the evil, Alundra. But I do...just stay out of my way before you kill anyone else with your blatant incompetence."

Myra has no reason for living anymore, and asks me to end her life so she could join Nadia... ☹️

Phineas tells me to avoid the swamp, Bonaire's almost "permanently bummed."

Fein is still in shock at Kline's passing. Lutas thinks that leaving Inoa is foolish and hopeless.

Septimus found something, in that Inoa is going through the same events that happened a long time ago, when a meteor crashed east of the village. Inside the meteor was an "evil force," but the book didn't say when it was even found...or destroyed. Hmmmm...

Naomi says "safety first!" I buy a Strength Tonic.

Sierra had a dream that something terrible was going to happen to Sybill. She can't even say it...

Sybill: "You hold the second light in your hands, Alundra." I wonder what she meant by that? If those words are meant to help us, thank you Sybill.

I go to Kline's grave, where his tomb reads:

Brave Hunter
Stinky Man

Now that there are three empty plots left, I'm betting that three more people will be gone...I don't like making this assumption though, and I just hope it's only three...

First I recover at Yustel's, saying that I will encounter a scaly beast...I think this might be in the swamp.

I head for the swamp. With the Long Boots, the marshes don't slow me down!

I open a chest in the northeast, which has a Strength Tonic.

I find another chest in the southwest part of the marsh, which is another Gilded Falcon.

A third chest I open west of the marsh on a high ledge, which has 30 gilders.

Nice looking lizard statue here.

In the middle of the marsh on a high ledge, there's a green inflating-deflating thing. I shoot that with the bow, which turns red, and moves the statue to the left, revealing a tunnel in the middle. I go in.

Aaaah! We fall down a waterfall and are now in a huge lake! The Reptile Lair!