Alundra - Part 32: Even More Sidequesting

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I hear some clanging downstairs, Jess is making something again.

Is that a bow and arrow!?

Jess: "This is much like the one Kline used...except it shoots a little farther. No big whoop. Try it, Alundra. You'll like it. In fact, I think you'll need it!"

We get the Hunter's Bow!!!

Jess says there's a giant lizard living in the swamp southeast of Inoa, and says if the Murgg attack, so will the lizard.

I save my progress at this point and head out.

This game...this game...I mean, all of those hard puzzles, and all of that effort to rescue someone from their dreams, and they still die!

I wander around the village and the map, looking for some stuff I might have missed.

I try the bow and arrow. Lucky that there's infinite ammo! But it doesn't cut shrubs, so I switch back to the sword.

I see a chest east of Merrick's House, and I try to reach it. With no luck, I go to Nava's Cabin and swim west, also no luck there too.

Wandering around some more...

I head to the left house near the coal mine, and I head upstairs, where I meet Kohei, a self-proclaimed "acclaimed composer." He mentions other composers like Jonas Tesh, Riccardi Marxus... (John Tesh, Richard Marx, lol! The links go to the songs these two artists did.)

I stand near the phonograph, and listen to some music from the game. It's only 8 tracks of the music so far.

There are three other empty tables, I'm betting those might be for other music pieces later in the game...

I head into the cave where I first met the blue slimes. With the Merman Boots, I swim over and grab the second chest, which contains...a Wonder Essence, which I already have, so I can't take it.

I swim further north of where the chest is, and land on the dock and head up, fighting off more blue slimes as I head further east and exit.

Now I'm at the western part of the lake, where a stone pedestal asks for an Emerald Crest.

Behind a set of bushes, I see a chest, which is actually a Mimic!

This Mimic moves fast, lucky he takes three hits to take care of!

I go back into the cave again, and head out, looking for more places to explore.

The cave where I first got the Wonder Essence is next!

But first I head to the Sanctuary, where I try to use a bomb to activate a lever located on the other side of potted plants. No good.

I try the bow, which works! The door south opens, which is a library! I read the tomes, or at least try to. I find a wide gap between two books in one of the shelves. With nothing else, I look around the Sanctuary.

After a while, I leave it and head up to that cave. Unlike in Zelda, the arrows can't hit enemies! Or actually they do, but the slimes are too short to be hit by the arrow.

I jump into the teleporter on the water, and I see three chests on shore.

One of them is a Mimic!

The top chest has 30 gilders! I now have 1000 gilders, yes!

The bottom chest has a Gilded Falcon inside.

Now I explore some more...

Cephas the Gravekeeper warns me about the swamp southeast.

On the way, I activate another portal:

--The area north of the Cemetery, outside Magyscar

That's now six portals unlocked...

I save my progress here.

I head back out and check out the shrine of Magyscar and head west into the lake. I jump off the bridge and head to the island where the last Crest pedestal lies, which needs a Garnet Crest. Hmmmm...

garnet thumbs up

After getting the Gilded Falcon from a chest north of the Garnet Pedestal, I go back into the water and head south, letting the river take us far...

Down to the waterfalls...

Under a bridge, into a whirlpool, but I dodge that and swim west of the fork instead.

I land ashore where more orcs with maces greet me hello!

I wander around the temple-like ground, until I reach a chest containing a Gilded Falcon. I dive back into the river again.

So much places to explore!

I wander again and find another portal, making it seven portals that I've unlocked.

I head south, but it's a dead end!

But I see another dock, so I double back and dive from it.

There's a huge manor on top of the cliffside, but the way is blocked by thorns and huge trees!

I swim back, and after a few waterfalls down, I'm now back on the beach!

Exhausted after that adventure, I buy herbs from Naomi and save at Jess's house.