Alundra - Part 17: Sidequesting Again

I just read the strategy guide again and found out I missed some stuff while I was exploring!

How I left the shrine is to go south and head to any direction.

As for leaving the desert, the quickest way is by the northwest path, south of the cave where I found the Sand Cape. I burrow below and leave the desert behind!

I go back to the upper part of the mine, and go to the water where I had to fight those blue slimes.

Turns out the guide said that there were 50 of them I had to fight!

After getting all 50 of them, which felt like an eternity (but only 8-10 minutes, I think), I get a chest containing herbs.

I head south, where the iron bars are now gone and I end up falling down the east house's chimney to reach a chest containing a Gilded Falcon. I push the lever opening the gate.

I explore more of the area, heading southwest past the Pond. At the west, I'm near a place called the Fire Manor.

I go north to find tall pillars and an orc with a swinging flail!

After grabbing a chest of herbs, I double back.

I bomb the stumps and head east, and I'm now near Nava's house. I bomb another stump north to get a chest with a Gilded Falcon inside. I now have 11 of these. What are these falcons for anyway?

I break the square block westward and cross north to find a chest with a Magic Seed inside!!!

This means my magic meter has upgraded to 2!

Since I have lots of gilders, I go to the Cliffs to buy some more stuff from Lurvy!

I get a Life Vessel, which costs 400 gilders, upgrading my health to 16!!

I climb the Cliffs again to get one more chest...30 gilders.

Now I head back to the shrine after that long detour!